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The best way to process information, that will be easy to recall during an exam, involves the participation of the whole brain. Most of us only use certain parts of our brain when we are attempting to learn a subject. Unfortunately, when we are tested on what we know, we can only recall certain perspectives, and with most testing, we need to see the whole picture in order to ace the exam.

Brainwave entrainment, used while studying a subject, involves the synchronization of the whole brain.

How Brainwave Entrainment Stimulates Intelligence

  • The brain is capable of generating new neural pathways, blood vessels and structures, and if stimulated, will do this. Different brainwave frequencies activate different areas of the brain. Entrainment directs brainwave frequency and encourages the brainwaves to synchronize together.
  • The brain never stops growing and will grow new neural networks in areas that are stimulated and decline and eventually eliminate networks that are ignored.
  • These networks strengthen the overall functions of the entire brain.
  • IQ increase is caused by the generation of new neural networks that are permanent but must be stimulated to be at prime–you must exercise this new muscle.
  • Entrainment stimulates both hemispheres of the brain providing effective communications among all parts.
  • When the whole brain is involved in learning and processing, high intelligence is achieved.

How To Study Using Brainwave Entrainment

  • Choose a specially designed brainwave entrainment recording in isochronic tones or binaural beats. Use headphones for either application for better entrainment–less distractions.
  • Be comfortable. Sit on a chair, on a couch, and put the work you need to study in front of you.
  • You’ll obviously keep your eyes open when using this recording.
  • Begin the session by concentrating on the beats or pulses for a few minutes to center yourself,allow the brain to follow the stimulus to change and match it’s frequency.
  • Focus on your intent–to learn, understand, and retain the information you are studying.
  • You’ll notice that you’ll feel a little different at this point. You may even feel energized and happier.
  • Start reading your material.
  • If you get to the end of a session before you finish reading your material, take at least a half hour break and then do the session again. You can do this over and over. You’ll take less time studying overall because you’ll be retaining faster.
  • Using an entrainment session will have you understanding and retaining the material more efficiently than if you weren’t using the recording because your whole brain is involved in the process of learning.

One of the most exciting things about incorporating brainwave entrainment in your studying routine is that you will have greater recall of the information when you go to write your exam.

Because your whole brain is involved, this can make the difference between a 75% mark and a 98% mark.

Warning: brainwave entrainment will increase your IQ too. People might think your smart.


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