Stress Can Make You Sick And Even Kill You

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This is the first in a series about stress, how it manifests in your body, and how it impacts your life.

Just What Is Stress Anyway?

Stress is a physical, mental, or emotional response to events that cause bodily or mental tension.  It can come from outside forces or events,  or from how you interpret your experiences.

Stress is the top health hazard affecting you today, and is the precursor to many illnesses and diseases.

Stress, plainly, is what eventually kills you.

Understanding how stress gets interpreted in the brain is the beginning of changing how it affects your life.  There is a host of medications out there that deal with the symptoms of stress, but real change, real elimination of the effects of chronic stress, starts at the core…which is the brain.

Stress Is All In The Mind

When you are in stress, your brainwaves vibrate in a high beta frequency, which in turn, causes the brain to release stress hormones that wash over your mind and body.

Stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, when in excess, harm the body in many ways, which ultimately leads up to illness and disease, and shortens your life.

It makes perfect sense then, to change your brain frequency from one of stress to one of stress relief, in order to combat damages.

How Stress Is Interpreted In Your Mind

When you are in stress, you respond both emotionally and physically setting in motion a series of  chemical releases and reactions.

Entering the “stress zone”, your adrenal glands react by releasing cortisol (which is destructive to the brain).  Hormones rush to suppress the cortisol, eventually flushing it out the kidneys.  If the stress continues, and the cortisol is not able to be suppressed, the brain is in imbalance.

Now you’re in trouble.

If cortisol remains active in the brain for too long, it injures and even kills cells in the hippocampus, the area needed for memory and learning.

The primary area that deals with stress is the limbic system or emotional brain.

Whenever you perceive a threat, real or imagined, your emotional brain immediately responds via your autonomic nervous system, a complex network of endocrine glands that automatically regulate metabolism.

Your adrenal glands release epinephrine, adrenaline, and cortisol that increase your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

You are in fight or flight mode.

You feel a surge of energy because adrenaline causes a rapid release of glucose and fatty acids into your blood stream.  Your senses and memory are sharp and you are less sensitive to pain.

Growth, reproduction, and the immune system shut down.  Blood flow to the skin is reduced (you look very pale).

If the stress hormones are not suppressed, if your stress is not relieved, you’ll experience several bad symptoms.

What Chronic Stress Does To Your Body

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Allows chemicals to pass through the blood-brain barrier
  • Can exacerbate a number of psychiatric disorders
  • Impair cognitive function through its influence on dopamine release, a key neurotransmitter that’s involved in many brain disorders including ADHD and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Affects your ability to learn.
  • Puts you in a bad mood
  • Impairs your ability to concentrate
  • Fatigues you and interferes with your work performance
  • Raises your blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Changes your blood sugar levels setting you up for diabetes
  • Can give you a peptic ulcer, cardiovascular disease, or stroke
  • Degrades your immune system making you vulnerable to any amount of illness and disease including cancer
  • Encourages cancer cells to grow
  • Makes it difficult to think or retrieve past memories
  • Tells the immune system to start attacking itself

Chronic stress damages the brain which damages the body.

Stress kills.

How To Lower Stress Levels

A way to lower stress levels is by changing the turning off the neural networks firing in the brain during chronic stress.

These networks don’t know how to stop on their own and continually send out messages to release hormones that soon become poisonous to the brain.

Brainwave entrainment can turn off those deranged neural networks and re=establish health neural networks that promote the release of healthy, good feeling hormones.

When the brain is induced with a repeated, rhythmic pattern of frequencies, it will follow and mimic that stimulus very easily, and will change its state.

Chronic stress is an impaired state that can be suppressed by a pattern of frequencies entrained by the brain.

New neural pathways and structures develop, that can actually be seen on a brain scan.

Brainwave entrainment gives you the tools to change how you react to the constant bombardment of stress you are encountered with through the course of the day.

Repeated sessions further strengthen those areas, and after a certain amount of time, your brain will go there on its own.

Medication has its place, but entrainment can attack the problem where it starts.


In our next newsletter, we’ll discuss

Stress, cancer, and how brainwave entrainment can protect you.


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