Stress Relief – How to Incorporate Brain Wave Entrainment in Your Stress Management Techniques

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You won’t be able to take it much longer.

You’re too fat for your fat pants this morning and you’ll have to go to the  office wearing the sexy dress you wore to your ex-husband’s wedding (because you  are a modern woman and his getting remarried to your ex-best friend doesn’t  bother you….yeah) and everyone will look at you like you are pathetic. You’ll  pick up on this rejection, immediately, and your digestion will do a flip flop.  You just know you’ll be running to the washroom in the middle of everything.

You’ve done all of your work, your desk is clear, and the boss frowns as he  passes by, and you just know he thinks you’re slacking and will by-pass you for  the next promotion. Your blood pressure rises, and you start eating that stashed  bag of chips in your drawer.

You drive home in rush hour traffic and nearly get hit by a screaming  ambulance, and your head pounds.

Your cat, Renaldo, of the Asian variety, has a nervous disorder (you  constantly catch him watching himself in the mirror practicing his “meow”) and  throws up “King of the Sea” all over your scuplted white rug, just as your new  boyfriend shows up for dinner. Adrenalin rushes to your head while your red  eczema rash erupts all over your chest.

You’re under stress. That’s the way life is today, but how much stress is too  much? Life just gets more and more demanding.

What Happens When You Get Over-Stressed?

If you are an adult, you spend most of your waking time in the beta brainwave  state, which highlights thinking, focus, attention, feeling excited, and  goal-orientation. Beta begets more beta and too much beta makes you have  anxiety, unwanted thoughts, insomnia, addiction, tense muscles, forgetfulness,  and even paranoia.

The brain gets used to being in a beta state–rapid thinking,  overthinking–and gets hooked on the adrenaline rushes that stress  triggers…and then you start messing up because you’re forgetting things.

When you are over-stressed, the body tries to naturally bring your mind into  the alpha brain wave state by causing you to yawn or gasp for air. Alpha waves  are associated with states of peace and relaxation. If you are healthy, dealing  with stress, you can shift your brain out of Beta wave–being excited or highly  focused–to a calm, flowing Alpha wave state of mind at will. You destroy your  ability to generate alpha wave when you experience excessive stress energy in  great amounts without a release. You can actually damage your hippocampus.

Addiction happens because your mind is trying to find something to release  the pressure.

For the moment, smoking, having a drink, or doing a drug, does exactly that.  But then you need more and more to achieve the first effect of release and then  prettty soon, no amount does the trick, and by that time, you are both  psychologically and physically addicted. You’re hooked.

Your mind is overstimulated and releases cortisol, a stress hormone, into the  bloodstream. Cortisol impairs your cognitive thinking, suppresses your thyroid,  sends your blood sugars all over the place, decreases your bone density and  muscle tissue, raises your blood pressure, lowers your immunity, and just for  kicks, increases your belly fat, which of course, can lead to heart attack or  stroke or death.

If you stay too long in Beta wave without using your Alpha wave to release,  you mind and body will start to deteriorate.

And you’ll be gorging on carbs.

How Do You Destress and Decompress?

You release that unwanted stress by introducing Alpha brain wave frequency to  the brain and you can do that easily with brain wave entrainment. Alpha wave  releases neuropeptides that include endorphins and serotonin and put your body  into a natural “high”. It just makes you feel a wonderful sense of relief.

Brain wave entrainment, specifically designed in Alpha, is introduced to the  brain as an audio stimulus and will quickly and easily cause the brain to follow  and mimic that frequency. You’ll leave the stress of Beta and breathe and  release in Alpha in a manner of minutes. It takes just 6 minutes for the brain  to start to entrain.

Responding to the immediate effects of stress lessens the long-term and  mental effects of stress.

Brain wave entrainment can help you develop a healthier lifestyle assisting  your mind to relax and release whenever you choose. It’s as easy and putting  your ear phones on and listening.

Need To Decompress?


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