Are You Spiritually Awakening? Are You Ready To Connect?

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Has Your Crown Chakra Started Opening?

Before we look at the 7th Chakra, The Crown Chakra—the Chakra of spiritual focus that integrates the total personality, your spiritual entity with your human entity, let’s take a look and see if you’ve already begun your spiritual transcendence.


Symptoms That You May Be Spiritually Awakening and that Your Crown Chakra Is Opening

  • You don’t sleep through the night anymore, for many reasons.  Your brain won’t shut off or if it does, you’ll still wake up two or three times during the night—and have a heck of a hard time falling back to sleep.  You can almost feel energy surging through the top of your head, sending heat down to your toes.  You will get used to it and adjust over time.
  • You are emotional, more emotional than usual.  You can cry over a bad commercial.  You cry when you witness people caring about other people, especially when they’re strangers.  And then again, you can get angry, “just like that.”  Or depressed.  And then very happy.  You are a human emotional roller-coaster.  Go with the flow.  Accept whatever it is you are feeling and then let it go.  Don’t direct whatever emotion floats to the top, at anyone.  Your emotions have nothing to do with them.  What is happening is, that emotions from the past are being cleansed, and to be cleansed, they have to surface.  You are letting go of past relationships, people, work, ideas, dreams, etc., that are no longer a frequency match to your present vibration.  As you let go, depression will disappear.
  • Your scalp is itchy, tingly, or even crawly.  What you are feeling is a vibrating energy on top of your head that is moving down towards your spine.  You are sensing the energy coming in through the crown chakra.  If you were a computer, you would be experiencing a download.  You are opening up to receive information from the divine.
  • Your weight is changing, either increasing or decreasing.  When your crown chakra begins to open, it cleanses the body of old fears and as they come to the surface, you either eat to quell your anxiety, or you starve yourself, all in a defensive attempt to protect yourself.  When all of your fears have been cleansed, you will release your anxiety and your eating habits and body will return to normal.  Be conscious of what you eat, if you can.  You’ll eat less if overeating is a problem now.  Regardless on how much you eat, visualize whatever you eat, as being beneficial to your body and soul.
  • Your past seems to be looking for you.  If you’ve left “issues” behind, they will seek you ou, while your crown begins to open.  The crown is trying to bring a conclusion on any issues that will deter you from truly awakening.   Unfortunately, that means you may need to work through issues like self-worth, addiction, thrown-away dreams, past love relationships, and things like lack of abundance—anything that you may have thought was long gone.  Don’t analyze these issues too closely.  Accept whatever feelings and issues appear, and then let them go.  Release these “albatrosses” and move on.
  • You’ve got allergies all of a sudden.  Things you used to be able to tolerate, are now toxic to you.  You have become very sensitive to your environment.  Trust your body.  It will tell you, without a doubt, what it can no longer tolerate.  When the crown chakra begins to open, even your body will want to spiritually advance.
  • Besides developing allergies to the environment, you find that you may not be able to tolerate foods that you used to enjoy anymore.  Same reason as above.
  • You may experience strange cravings for foods that you weren’t interested in before.  You may be hungry all the time, or totally turned off of food.  Your body is trying to lead you toward what it needs.  Over-rule it if it becomes extreme, either way.
  • Light hurts your eyes.  Everything smells.  Everyday noises, like traffic, malls, and kids, are just too much.  Your senses are becoming really defined and are magnifying everything you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.
  • Your vision picks up auras around everything, people, plants, or even rocks.  Your vision is blurry some of the time.
  • Colors are very vivid…absolutely amazing, awe-inspiring.
  • Whether your eyes are open or not, you can see white shapes in your peripheral vision.  These are spirits, guides, or guardians.
  • When you shut your eyes, you see sparkling colors or pictures…or shapes of entities.
  • Your hearing is either amplified, or diminished.  What was once a normal sound, may be so amplified, that you are startled until you figure out what it is.  A member told me they thought their car was going to blow up when they started it the other day.  There was nothing unusual about the car.  He was just hearing every component of the start up for the first time.
  • You hear buzzing, swooshing, or white noise…or music.  I hear music, all kinds, as if I’m hearing it from several rooms away.  I can hear the tone, the rhythm, the beat, but I cannot make out the words.  I especially hear the music when someone is about to die, or has just died.
  • You may feel presences near you while you are sleeping, and they may frighten you.  Surround yourself with the white light when this happens.  You’ll be protected and you’ll calm down.
  • You can taste chemical additives in food.  Artificial sweeteners may give you diarrhea.  You crave natural foods.
  • You smell flowers or beautiful fragrances when nothing is around to warrant the sensation.  The smell of roses is a predominant sign that someone is with you from the other side.
  • You may have times when you feel totally revved up—full of energy, followed by periods of extreme lethargy.  Fatigue usually follows after you’ve experienced a great shift in consciousness.  It will do no good to try to resist these surges of energy.  Allow it to flow.
  • You’ve got acne again, just like a kid…or shingles, or hives.  Again, toxins are rising to the surface so they can be released.  It is interesting to note that if anger is one of these toxins, it will usually manifest as sores around your mouth and chin.  When an issue that holds anger is released, the sores will go away.  Your “stuff” will physically manifest on your body so you can work it out.  That’s a good thing.  You want to get rid of its poison.
  • Your prayers or meditations feel different.  You feel like maybe someone is actually listening or trying to communicate with you.  You feel connected.   Your prayers and meditations won’t be as long as before.  They don’t need to be because you have a direct line.
  • Your body will heat up or cool down, “at the drop of a hat,” for no reason.  You are experiencing “power” surges.  These surges may be so intense, that it makes you sick to your stomach. Breathe through them, and the nausea will pass.  If you practice reiki, or are a natural energy worker, you may feel heat radiating, at will, from your hands, especially if they touch someone who is ill.
  • You’ve got headaches, shoulder aches, backaches, digestive problems, muscle spasms (especially in your legs and feet),cramps, a fluttering heartbeat, changes in sexual desire, numbness in your limbs, body jerks, and generalized flu symptoms.  Some old conditions from your childhood may reappear briefly for healing and release.  All of these symptoms are temporary.
  • People don’t believe you are as old as you are.  You look younger.  As each “issue” clears from your body and psyche, you will look younger and younger.
  • Your dreams are so vivid, they appear to be real…especially when you are visited by deceased loved ones…because they are real.  You are in connection with the spiritual plane. 
  • You can lucid dream or remote  view.
  • Big things are happening to you…like divorce, death of loved ones, loss of job, illness…catastrophes.  These “big things” are changing how you view life, awakening your ability to love and have compassion for everything, and everyone.  You are finding the meaning of life through pain.
  • You feel confused, about everything you once thought was so straight forward.  Your life feels out of control and it’s hard for you to focus.
  • You are losing interest in activities outside of your mind and heart.  You are not interested in hanging out anymore, or socializing, necessarily.
  • You have bursts of creativity.  It feels like something is inspiring you…and it is.  You are beginning to receive messages.
  • You feel that there is just not enough time.  You sense that time is accelerating.  Tell yourself to slow down if it interferes with you being able to be productive.  You can slow down time by being “in the moment.”  Mindfulness meditation, using brainwave entrainment, will slow down time.
  • You feel like something is about to happen…you don’t know if it’s good or bad, just that something is coming down the pipes.  Don’t let yourself get anxious.  It’s all part of spiritually advancing.  Don’t be afraid.
  • You feel almost alien to your old life.  When your friends say you’ve changed, they are right, you have.  Your life is being altered and your old self is falling away.
  • You’ve lost your patience for being patient.  You want to be somewhere, immediately.  You want something done, right now.  It’s almost torture to go through the steps.  You want resolution, immediately.
  • You ache for a purpose, a spiritual connection with the divine.  You need to feel connected to your God, the collective unconsciousness, your source.
  • You actually understand life’s messages a lot faster than ever before.  You get it.
  • Every day, normal things, like a big fir tree, or a puppy, seem to be teach you the important things about existence and “what it’s all about.”
  • You see dead people…presences.  You feel like you are being touched, especially when you are alone.  Your crown is raising your vibration so you are more aware of the presences that have always been around you, but that you couldn’t sense before.  If this frightens you, surround yourself with a white light…in fact, always surround yourself with a white light.
  • You notice license plates, or synchronicities, in conversations, on billboards, commercials, t.v. shows…you name it.  You are seeing spiritual significances in the everyday world.  You are receiving messages.
  • You are speaking your truth more often, and you are more authentic.  You are saying “no” to the people that you would have said “yes” to before. 
  • You leave your marriage, job, relationships, and places that no longer support who you are.  Listen to your heart.
  • You feel really connected to nature, maybe for the first time.  Whenever you feel disconnected, go outside and feel, touch, and smell it.  You’ll connect right away.  You’ll get comfort from this.
  • Your computer, your PVR, your fridge, your lightbulb in your bedroom lamp, your watch…all break  down or malfunction.  If you’ve got a lot of energy coming through you, your car may even act up on you.
  • You experience miracles…personal miracles, large or small.  This is an indication that you are spiritually awakening.
  • Your intuitions are coming true.  You can read people and situations.  You experience sudden insights into past events.
  • Your psychic abilities are opening.  You experience psychic phenomena,like out-of-body travelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and telepathy.
  • You have visions.
  • You feel strongly that you are communicating with spirit guides or other divine entities.
  • You understand the concept of Oneness and how we are all connected.  What you do to one, you do to your self.
  • Occasionally, you feel bliss…for absolutely no outside reason.
  • You feel stronger, even though energy is surging through you like a hurricane.
  • You connect to animals and plants…anything alive, like you’ve never done before.  You can feel the divine in them.
  • You can see entities from other dimensions, or the other dimensions themselves, right there…in our dimension.
  • Your thoughts are manifesting more often, and more quickly.  Be aware of what you are thinking.
  • You can see who someone really is, regardless of what face they present.
  • You find less value in the order of things, organization, structure, analysis, and mathematics now.
  • You have memory lapses, use the wrong words, and have trouble focusing for very long.
  • You forget what you are about to say and sometimes feel like a flake.
  • You are always searching for a spiritual meaning in everything.
  • You get dizzy, easily, especially when you release a tough emotion.  Ground yourself.
  • You are clumsy a lot more.  That’s because you are not there in the moment.  Ground yourself.
  • Your heart scares the heck out of you by palpating.  Your heart is re-balancing after an emotional release.  It won’t last long.  Breathe through it and stay in the moment.  If it happens a lot, see your doctor.
  • Your nails and hair is growing faster.
  • You have a desire to seek out people who are of like mind.
  • You are having memories from the past…and not just from this life time.  Past life emotional blockages want to be released, too. 


Opening the crown chakra is about healing and integrating all of your “selves,” the spirit with the material, spiritually awakening to the powerful entity that you are.


If you are experiencing some of these symptoms, it is highly likely that your crown chakra is beginning to open.  Once this happens, you don’t go back.

You are on your spiritual journey,

And the spiritual realm is ready to communicate with you.


Use a brainwave entrainment recording to help you “be in the moment.”


Or to help facilitate the opening of your CROWN CHAKRA


Next week….The Crown Chakra—“I AM”


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