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Meditation is a practice of concentrating or focusing upon a sound, object, visualization, a breath, movement, or attention itself, in order to increase awareness of the present moment–the now–to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

And it can be one of the hardest brain states to access for any length of time, unless you have help.

Brainwave entrainment, a technological tool that changes your predominant brainwaves to follow or mimic a specialized frequency pattern, can help you achieve a meditative state –your mind is aware and awareness of outside of your mind is asleep–easily and quickly.

Trying to master the skill to meditate naturally may take years, but when entrainment is introduced, many different experiences become available to the meditator right away.

Spiritual experiences can come from this place, the gateway to the collective consciousness, and some people have reported some extraordinary events.

How To Have A Spiritual Experience Using Brainwave Entrainment

  • It is essential to choose a specialized brainwave entrainment recording that is conducive to deep meditation.
  • Use either isochronic tones, the strongest entrainment available, with or without headphones, or binaural beats that require headphones..
  • Find a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted. Leave your phone in the other room.
  • Where loose clothing.
  • Sit on the front part of a chair so that your spine stays straight for the energy to flow up and down.
  • Mentally relax, close your eyes, and start your recording.
  • Let yourself follow the beats or tones. Keep bringing yourself back to the beats or tones when your mind wanders.
  • You’ll start to alter your consciousness. Your conscious mind will give way to your subconscious mind.
  • It is at this point that spiritual experiences can begin.

Spiritual Experiences That Can Happen During Meditation

  • You might feel like you are rising just above your chair and your back is getting straighter. You feel pulled.
  • Your breathing gets deep with the breaths getting farther and farther apart. You may stop breathing for a while, but you won’t feel deprived of oxygen.
  • Falling snow with a bright background may catch your attention.
  • The top of your head may feel like it’s vibrating. You can feel an energy pulsating on your scalp.Your head may feel like it’s expanding, that your skull can’t contain you anymore.
  • You may feel sensations in your groin area or other areas that you put your attention on.You may feel energy flowing throughout your entire body and up and down your spine.
  • Lights may flash in your mind’s eye.
  • Hair on your arms and back of your neck may raise.
  • You get the sensation that you, the real you, is about to leave your body and cross over into another realm. It is not unusual to feel frightened at this point. Face your fear and let yourself flow. Sensations from your physical body will now be gone.
  • Visions of spirits may pop into your periphery. Angels or spirit guides or even deceased loved ones may appear.
  • The veil between the different dimensions gets thinner and thinner and you pick up feelings of euphoria.
  • You may hear sounds that are strange like buzzing, droning, or thunder claps.
  • You may feel intense heat or cold on your spirit face. You may even feel the rushing of air.
  • You may receive telepathic images or messages.
  • The whole experience feels more real than reality.

A spiritual experience is always special to each person that is blessed enough to experience it. What happens for one may not happen for another, but the very experience itself will be life changing.

Deep meditation is achieved when a slow brainwave frequency is sustained over a period of time to allow the mind to be altered in it’s consciousness. Brainwave entrainment can help put you into a deep meditative state where you can experience a spiritual event, easily and quickly.



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