Can’t Get To Sleep? Use Brainwave Entrainment To Help You Sleep

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Deep dreamless sleep. Is that a myth in your world? It doesn’t have to be anymore. There is relief and it’s called brainwave entrainment. Training your mind can get you to sleep and let you stay asleep very easily.



It seems the older we get, and the more stresses life throws at us, the more likely we’ll have trouble going to sleep and maybe most importantly, staying asleep.

Do you wake up like clock-work around 3 a.m. every morning and then can’t shut your brain off to go back to sleep?

We’re adults and adults need to use the very fast brainwave frequency of beta to survive and excel in the world as it is today. We need to be able to think quickly, be more social, be goal oriented, perform at our peak level, be able to maintain high levels of focus, have more energy and on and on and on.

We end up overloaded and when we lie our head down on the pillow at night, our brain, our mind, won’t shut off. Yes, sometimes it will let you fall asleep, but,like not too much later, the brain will wake you up and fill your head with useless thoughts and worries and have you panicking for a bit of rest.

Brainwave entrainment is the entraining of your dominant brainwaves from an outside, audio stimulus. A specific frequency is introduced, and the brain follows said frequency, matching its pattern. Your state of consciousness is then altered. Different states produce different effects.

Entrainment, for sleep, uses the delta brainwave frequency that ranges from 0.2 – 3 hertz (cycles per second) and is known to be the best pattern for sleep or deep meditation.

Delta is a place where deep healing occurs. It is a quiet place and is very difficult to access and stay conscious unless you’re a monk who has practiced for years. (As an aside, brainwave entrainment can help you access this state of no-mind much faster that if you tried on your own).

As a great bonus, since you’ll be sleeping very well if you entrain with delta wave, you will also experience:


  • the release of anti-aging hormones (you’ll physically look younger and feel younger)
  • an increase in your feelings of empathy towards others
  • advanced healing of both body and mind
  • the release of the human growth hormone (HGH) which speeds up your metabolism
  • a connection to your subconscious mind (this is where you put the blueprints for your life)
  • the deepest possible level of mind/body relaxation
  • a boosted immune system


Not getting enough sleep will kill you. Entraining will lead those over-active brainwaves to a state of peacefulness and relaxation.

Get some sleep tonight with brainwave entrainment.

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