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Youth Hormone Binaural


Do you think you could look and feel a little younger?

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Product Description

Youth Hormone

This mp3 download session, Anti-Aging Hormone Release in Binaural Beats,  will release, in a most pleasant way, anti-aging hormones like melatonin (sleep well) and DHEA (memory and mood enhancer) and give you back some of your youth.

As we get older, the stress of just living starts catching up with us and manifests physically in our body.  One of the things we do is build up belly fat where high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol (speeds up aging process) like to hang out.

You can…

  • experience a body healing
  • feel a deep relaxation
  • stimulate your pituitary gland, signalling rejuvenation
  • release  anti-aging hormones, melatonin and DHEA
  • It is necessary for you  to wear headphones.
  • Thirty minutes long
  • Strength increases with repeated entrainment.