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Writer’s Block Binaural


Can’t think of what to write?

Product Description

Writer’s Block

Whether your writing ability is blocked for a day or two or completely away without leave for years, it all boils down to fear–fear of not being good enough.  You get stuck in the beta wave which is great for editing your work, but death for artistic inspiration.

This mp3 download session, Breaking Writer’s Block in Binaural Beats,  will put your waves in the right zone and get you creating again.

You can…

  • access your subconscious mind
  • tap into your unique creativity
  • use vivid imagery, thinking in pictures
  • soften your focus
  • release serotonin, feel-good hormone
  • It is not necessary for you to wear headphones, but doing so, may enhance your experience.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Effect upon you is strengthened with repeated entrainment sessions.