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Serenity Wave Isochronic


This brainwave entrainment mp3 is just the ticket to relieve stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. Within 6 minutes, your brainwaves will shift into a slower, stress-relieving frequency.

Product Description

You Can Float On a Wave of Serenity


Imagine feeling so relaxed that any “challenges” that present themselves to you, seem minor or maybe even non-existant.


Because this entrainment mp3, Serenity Wave in Isochronic Tones, knows exactly how to access that area of your brain resonsible for relieving stress, anxiety and panic attacks, you can “float on a serenity wave” in a matter of minutes.


Within 6 minutes, your brainwaves will shift into a slower, stress-relieving frequency. 

Serenity Wave Mp3 can:


  • elevate your mood by releasing the feel-good neurotransmitter, Serotonin.


  • take away your headache by the release of this same hormone.


  • detach you from your worries  because it stops the overproduction of Cortisol, an anxiety hormone that can give you panic attacks.


  • give you a pleasant inward awareness by centering you and connecting you to an area of the brain that uses visual communication instead of words.


  • provide relief from loss of sleep, improving your mood and everything, by the release of your own personal opiates.


  • open the door between your conscious and subconscious by taking you to a higher dimension.


  • take you on a vacation by detaching you from the physical world while you stay aware of the spatial world.


  • release endorphins (stronger than morphine) and hormones (Serotonin, DHEA, Melatonin), that make you feel good.


  • leave you feeling emotionally stable when you go back out into the physical world because this soundtrack balances your hormones.


I bet it would be a pleasant diversion to feel refreshed, bright and full of energy.

  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Effect upon you is strengthened with repeated entrainment sessions.


This soundtrack is in ISOCHRONIC TONES

  • HEADPHONES are NOT required, but you have a stronger entraining experience if you wear them. 


  • Isochronic Tones produce a “helicopter” noise that can sound like “woot woot”.  They don’t sound pretty but they are precise and fast.


  • Isochronic Tones are the most powerful and effective entrainment to date.


  • Isochronic Tones introduce a single tone or pulse, to the brain, that turns on and off in a particular pattern.  This form of entrainment does not rely on a combination of two tones.


  • Because the contrast between the on and off is high (contrast between the sound pulses and silence is more pronounced), there is a high neural response emitted by your brain.


  • This contrast is easily noticed by your brain (because it is listening carefully), and leaves a deep, clear and strong imprint in your gray matter.


  •  This effect excites the thalamus and causes a frequency following response, where your brain internally recreates the frequency and this re-shapes your level of consciousness. This is what makes it the most powerful and effective BWE.


  • Your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve entrainment as it does with Binaural Beats.


  • Isochronic Tones are exceptional for dissociation and have hypnotic qualities.


  • Isochronic Tones synchronizes both hemispheres, laying new neural networks as a bridge between them.  When this happens, you have all regions of your brain working together at the same time.  Whatever you are trying to achieve, be it an increase in intelligence, emotional well-being, manifesting, clearing subconscious blocks etc, you’ll be using your whole brain, and have that much more power.


  • You can play Tones for more than one person at a time (as in a classroom, sick room, office, bedroom, etc)


What Entrainment Does For You

  • Entrainment is a permanent solution to change a behaviour or habit because it involves changing your brain-map by either strengthening existing but atrophied neurons, or completely making new neural pathways and networks.


  • When you make new networks, your brain releases different chemicals that affect how you think and feel.


  • The more dense the networks, the more permanent the effect.
  • Prolonged exposure to a brainwave frequency re-wires the brain to that state’s attributes.


  • Entrainment can recover brain functions damaged by injury or age.  New neurons can migrate within the brain to damaged areas and form new connections and restore some or all lost function.


  • A single session begins the journey, the effects you feel lasting for about an hour though your state of mind may last much longer. 


  • New connections form at an amazing speed, and that’s why you will experience an immediate effect, but to reconnect into networks and have a permanent effect, they need to be stimulated through activity or repetition or they atrophy. (You need to listen to the session for at least 30 days consecutively).


  • Without repetition, neural pathways and associations cannot change.


  • Entrainment supercharges the forming of new neural pathways, reorganizing you at a higher level of brain function.


  • Your subjective experience may be influenced by your willingness and ability to relax and focus attention.