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Prosperity Binaural


Wouldn’t it be nice if you were wealthy?

Product Description




This mp3 download session, Prosperity Vibration in Binaural life empowering vitality entrainment,  takes your brainwaves to a place where the nagging negative voice of beta is removed and the non-judgemental silence of theta rules.  This is a place of “no time” and can help you look into the future where you can see possible investments, business and employment opportunities.  The negative power stigmatized by money and prosperity will be sent into the vapors.

BECOME WEALTHY.  There is a prosperity vibration.  It’s part of the “abundance in all areas” mindset.  Usually what separates you from financial abundance is a faulty mindset…you may, unconsciously believe money is evil or you don’t deserve to have money and this blockage will have to be removed.

You can…

  • bring negative programming to the surface so you can change it
  • cross the threshold between the conscious mind and subconscious mind
  • release your anxieties
  • connect to the collective unconsciousness
  • detach and relax

This soundtrack is in BINAURAL BEATS




  • Binaural beats sound like the beating of a hummingbird’s wings.


  • Binaural beats quieten the mind with a shallow waveform that slows down your brainwaves and relaxes you.


  • One frequency is introduced into one ear and a slightly different frequency into the other ear


  • Each ear is connected to the opposite side of the brain, so each side hears something different and compensates by creating a third beat that is not really there. 


  • The sound only exists inside your brain, where you can’t consciously hear it, causing both hemispheres to entrain to a single frequency.


  • You need to listen with headphones because binaural beats are not capable of entraining one hemisphere, they need both, or else the third beat won’t be made.


  • Passively listening to binaural beats may not put you into an altered state of consciousness.  Your subjective experience may be influenced by your willingness and ability to relax and focus attention.  Listen with intention.


What Entrainment Does For You

  • Entrainment is a permanent solution to change a behaviour or habit because it involves changing your brain-map by either strengthening existing but atrophied neurons, or completely making new neural pathways and networks.


  • When you make new networks, your brain releases different chemicals that affect how you think and feel.


  • The more dense the networks, the more permanent the effect.
  • Prolonged exposure to a brainwave frequency re-wires the brain to that state’s attributes.


  • BWE can recover brain functions damaged by injury or age.  New neurons can migrate within the brain to damaged areas and form new connections and restore some or all lost function.


  • A single session begins the journey, the effects you feel lasting for about an hour though your state of mind may last much longer. 


  • New connections form at an amazing speed, and that’s why you will experience an immediate effect, but to reconnect into networks and have a permanent effect, they need to be stimulated through activity or repetition or they atrophy. (You need to listen to the session for at least 30 days consecutively).


  • Without repetition, neural pathways and associations cannot change.


  •  Entrainment supercharges the formation of new neural pathways, reorganizing you at a higher level of brain function.


  • Your subjective experience may be influenced by your willingness and ability to relax and focus attention.