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So, what are you going to eat tonight?

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Night Eating Mp3

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Discover The #1 Way To Stop Eating At Night and Lose Weight

stops the craving for carbs and fats

  • removes anxiety
  • appetite suppressant
  • mood elevator 

There’s a “midnight hunger” out there and it’s fast becoming the newest eating disorder.  It’s called Night-Eating Syndrome because a person with this condition consumes more than half their daily calories after the evening meal, even going so far as eating again when waking at night.  Obesity and ill health are serious side-effects of this disorder.  Experts are pushing for the condition to be included in psychiatry’s official DSM IVTR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV) as a distinct syndrome that, according to estimates, affects hundreds of thousands of people in Canada and millions in the Western World.  Waverider Emporium’s newest mp3 product, “Night Eater’s Release,” is a brainwave entrainment recording that stimulates parts of the brain that release natural hormones that stop the intense urge to eat at night, stabilize mood, and assist in a healthy night-time sleep.

Dear Secret Night Eater,

My name is Wanina, and I too, was a secret night eater, just like millions of others, until I discovered a great way to stop eating more than half my daily calories at night, lose weight, and get a decent night’s sleep.

I come from a family who would push themselves away from the table after dinner, and not eat anything again until breakfast, so I thought there was something wrong with me because that’s when I really wanted to start eating…and I would.

I’d wait until they were all preoccupied with t.v. or after they’d gone to bed, and then sneak into the kitchen and fill a mixing bowl–a large mixing bowl–full, with cookies, chips, and sandwiches.

My room was in the basement, out of the normal line of traffic, so once I made it back there without being caught, I would quietly shut my door, and begin my feast.

I can’t tell you what a rush I felt after I ate the first cookie.  I was in sheer bliss, or oblivion, I’m not sure which.  Sugar and fat are like a drug to me, calming me down, making me feel better.  I’d eat and eat until I fell into a carbohydrate coma.  Not a night went by when I didn’t wake myself up and do it all over again, at least three times before morning came.

I was a Food Vampire.

And then…I’d wake up tired, bloated, burpy, farty, heavier, and totally ashamed of myself.

I’d go to school and try to avoid everyone and everything.  It wasn’t such a big stretch.  Both my classmates and the teachers were already avoiding me because I was shy and didn’t want any attention.  As the day wore on, I felt lonelier and lonelier, and I hated myself and couldn’t wait for the night to come so I could comfort myself with food.

Getting fatter everyday was slowly making me disappear, ironic as that sounds.

My father was particularly distressed (maybe I should say disgusted) by my sluggish demeanor and couldn’t figure out why I was getting fatter by the minute.  That’s when he started limiting what I ate during the day.

I hated breakfast so he let me skip that one, but by the time supper came, I could have eaten a horse if it had presented itself on a bed of French Fries.  I’d try to eat like he thought I should eat, but, by the time night rolled in, I’d sneak into the kitchen, fill my bowel with candy and pastry and head back down to my room to inhale them.

It made me feel better for the moment.

Of course my Dad was suspicious of why I wasn’t losing weight on his plan so he started paying attention to where I was in the evening.

And yes, he caught me.  

That’s when he called me a pig with no self-control that would never attract a man.

At the time, I thought he may be right.

Maybe I wasn’t worth more than that because I couldn’t seem to stop sneaking away and eating at night.

Years and many pounds later,

alone in my apartment in the middle of the night, I caught myself in the mirror as I was eating half a cheesecake with a soup ladel (this is something you don’t want to do), and realized that I couldn’t live like this anymore.

They say you are what you eat.  If that’s so, I was a big, fatty, starchy thing, that made gas and was here for the lonely short run.

If I kept up this type of lifestyle, I was going to die.

But before I died, I’d probably suffer with diabetes, and GERD, and not be able to wipe my own bum because I’d be too big to reach it.

Who’d want to have a family with me, let alone make love to me, if I continued to sabotage myself with my nightly eating raids?

Eating at night was not working for me.

So I tried several different weight-loss programs, and I swear, I ate more at night after that, than I did before I started them.  Those programs stressed me out.

Dieting didn’t stop me from eating at night.

I was thinking of having surgery but I couldn’t go there–I didn’t have the money for that and it scared the life out of me.

There must have been something that I was missing.

What was going to help me stop eating at night?

About that time, while I was doing research about alternative therapies for depression and anxiety, I came across quite a few scientific studies about a neurotechnological therapy that used sound to induce the release of serotonin, a mood elevator and appetite suppressant.

Apparently, people who experience high levels of stress over-produce a hormone called cortisol, which eradicates serotonin and makes you crave carbohydrates, particularly in the evening.

Cortisol will drive you towards carbohydrates, and make you crave them like they were the very air you need to breathe–and it will messs up your sleep patterns too, just for good measure.

What all of this meant was that it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t seem to stop eating at night and there was something I could do about it.

My brain was chemically imbalanced,

and it was directing me to eat carbohydrates because in doing so, my brain would release my depleted serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter that would make me feel happier and satiated.

It really wasn’t my fault.

Stress, and its merry band of stress hormones, was taking away my control by depleting my serotonin,  causing me to eat at night.

When I would put a piece of cake in my mouth, my brain would register the carbohydrate and activate a release of serotonin.  I really was experiencing a drug rush–it was a rush of serotonin.  It would make me feel happy, satisfied, safe, and accepted–for the moment.

Now I knew what I had to do.

I would use this alternative therapy, brainwave entrainment, to change my brainwaves to STOP the carbohydrate craving and STOP eating at night.

Instead of getting serotonin from food, I would get it from my own brain–and not gain weight.

Brainwave entrainment is a technological tool that introduces a sound stimulus to your brain with the intention of changing your brainwaves to a desired state of consciousness.  This alternative therapy can change your brainwaves to the frequency that releases serotonin and stop the over-production of cortisol–the carb craver.

I don’t need to give up my control anymore.

My solution came in the form of a digital product that I can download instantly and easily and use whenever I need to stop my cravings and night time eating.

Waverider Emporium’s “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE”  is a downloadable mp3 that takes away the stress of the day by stimulating my brain to release serotonin and stop the overproduction of the hormone that drives me to eat at night.

This appetite, mood, and sleep entrainment recording re-balances the hormones and chemicals in the brain, stopping the intense urge to eat carbohydrates, lowering anxiety and depression levels, and allowing  one to deeply relax, and possibly fall and stay asleep later in the evening.  When the hormones are back in balance, specifically, when the levels of serotonin are high, the need to eat carbohydrates is eliminated.  When serotonin levels are low due to an over-production of cortisol, the mind instructs the body to eat carbohydrates to raise serotonin levels.  This recording gives the brain the serotonin it is craving.  Serotonin also lifts mood and enables melatonin (sleep hormone) to work properly allowing a good night’s sleep, free from the vicious cycle of waking and eating.

The chemicals in my brain were imbalanced and “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” was the one thing that made sense in getting them balanced again.


  • Changes my brainwave state by altering them without the use of drugs.
  • Can be listened to on any mp3 player, computer, i-pod etc, in the privacy of my chosen location, and when I choose to listen.
  • Is inexpensive.  The cost of  “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 is less than an extra large pizza and a gallon of chocolate ice cream…and you only need to acquire it once.
  • Releases the anxieties I’ve build up over the day, leaving me feeling relaxed and peaceful and someone I enjoy being around.
  • Starts working 6 minutes after beginning the recording, so it can stop a craving in its tracks.
  • Is easy to do, you just put on your headphones…and listen.
“This brainwave entrainment product is different than others because it provides a person control over three very important functions—appetite, mood, and sleep.  It can be used as an effective complementary therapy with other weight loss strategies.”

I stopped being a night eater and lost a lot of weight.

I’ve dramatically lowered my depression and anxiety levels.

My blood pressure is back to normal, I have a whole lot of energy, I look forward to getting up in the morning and even eating breakfast, I’m happy–maybe for the first time in my life–and I finally like myself…and so does my husband and kids.

How I Use “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 To Stop Eating At Night and Lose Weight

  • I listen to this entrainment recording when I’m anxious because anxiety is a eating trigger for me.
  • When I get home at night from work, I’ll listen for 30 minutes and then I won’t eat as much for supper–especially carbs.
  • Whenever I start feeling like I need a box of cookies or a family sized bag of chips.
  • Two hours after supper when my low mood starts setting in.
  • In the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.
  • When I’m upset or lonely.
I’ll use “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 almost everyday and sometimes several times a day when stress is threatening to take over my control.

I’d like you to experience the success I’ve had, for your own self.

Won’t it be nice to catch yourself in the mirror, and actually like what you see?

Won’t it be nice not to anxiously wait till you are alone at night so you can stuff your face until you pass out?

Won’t it be nice to shed those extra pounds that are choking the life out of you?

By the very nature of eating at night, because it takes away your control, you’ll be saving your own life, mentally, physically, and emotionally if you download “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3.

Brainwave Entrainment has helped me in many other ways too, both professionally and personally.

I work in the healthcare business and have used brainwave entrainment to assist people having babies, in grief and loss, during the dying process, in overcoming fears and anxieties, eliminating chronic pain, and personally with helping my son overcome his symptoms of ADD, and my weight loss.

Waverider Emporium offers you a 100% risk-free money back guarantee, within 30 days of purchase.

I personally guarantee that “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 will make not eating at night a whole lot easier.  If you are unhappy with this product, no questions asked, I’ll return your investment.

You can contact Waverider Emporium at contact@waveridermp3.com


Stop Eating At Night Right Now


And Take Back Your Control


Waverider Emporium is a personal development company that specializes in brainwave entrainment recordings in both isochronic tones and binaural beats.  Categories addressed are addiction recovery, birthing, brain, creating, death and dying, dementia support, emotions, feeling good, ghost hunting, healing, health, law of attraction, love and sex, mediating, psychic ability, pain relief, sleep, education, and weight management.

You only have to purchase “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 once, because once you download the recording, it’s yours for life.

“NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 will help you stop the midnight eating madness.

You’ll lose weight (you wouldn’t believe how much eating at night adds poundage), you’ll feel a heck of a lot happier, healthier, energetic, and emotionally stable.

People will see the real you–not the one who hides, and sneaks, and cheats themselves out of a good life.


I don’t think we were meant to let anything control how we live our life–not even the chemicals in our brain.

Stress is a part of all of our hectic, manic lives, and we need to make sure that it doesn’t control…and shorten what is rightfully ours…our life.

If you want to feel good and be healthy living your life free of the obsession of eating at night, all you have to do is listen to “NIGHT EATER’S RELEASE” mp3 for 30 minutes of your time.

Thirty minutes and maybe you won’t pull a chair up to the fridge at the stroke of midnight.


Don’t wait for night to fall.

Start your road to success today.


P.S. I know how hard it is to stop eating at night, believe me, I lived for it.  That’s why I’m so excited to offer you a solution.  You don’t have to eat at night and gain weight and ill health anymore.

P.S.S. Remember, it’s not your fault.  It has to do with an imbalance of hormones and chemicals in the brain.  If they can become  imbalanced, they can become balanced again, with the right brainwave stimulation.

P.S.S.S. Many documented clinical trials have proven that brainwave entrainment does indeed influence the state of the brain and can induce the release of hormones like melatonin, serotonin, and endorphins like our natural morphine.

P.S.S.S.S. Drop me a note and tell me how much better you feel and how much weight you’ve lost.