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Memory Increase Isochronic


Do you remember where you put your car keys?

Product Description



This mp3 download session, Increased Memory in Isochronic Tones,  will help you to connect to your subconscious mind where your long-term memories,  and emotional experience is kept.  Because of this, you may experience childhood or past memories you may have forgotten, especially if there is emotion attached to them. As you go deeper into the wave, your long-term memory storage will increase and you will be able to recall easier.  This is the brainwave that compliments trauma therapy.

You can…

  • access memories, sensations, and emotions that you are holding or suppressing.
  • release serotonin, a happy hormone.
  • remember many things from your childhood because this is the brainwave you are in most of the time when you were a kid.
  • possibly go further back into memory than this incarnation.
  • It is not necessary for you to wear headphones, but doing so, may enhance your experience.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Effect upon you is strengthened with repeated entrainment sessions.