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Losing a Pet Isochronic


Are you grieving the loss of your pet?

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Product Description

 Losing a Pet

BWE –GRIEVING YOUR PET, Isochronic Tones Mp3

When you are grieving for a loved one, pets included, then chances are, you are very stressed.

Stress leads to depression and burnout and eventually, your life literally shuts down.

  • BWE is a release.  It helps you be with your loss.
  • If you’ve frozen your emotions and have trouble letting go, it will help you cry and express grief so you can begin heal.
  • BWE tunes out the outside world for the moment and lets you connect with a higher, deeper dimension inside of yourself.
  •  If your thoughts are falling all over themselves, in a constant emotional waterfall, you are in the beta brainwave.   “Why, why, why?”  Right?
  •  Entrainment releases you from this thought chaos, shifting your brainwaves into a slower, higher vibrational frequency, where spiritually, you can connect with your Source.
  • BWE silences your mind’s endless chatter, letting you find comfort and peace from the heart of your soul and the collective unconscious.
  • It takes you to a place where you can reflect on what your pet meant to you and how much you will miss them.
  • Sometimes, if you go deep enough during the entrainment, you can feel a connection to your pet or person.  You may feel their presence, smell their scent, feel their touch, and in some cases, you may actually hear and see them in your mind’s eye.


If you’re grieving your pet, brainwave entrainment might just be what you need, to begin your long healing journey.  You will never forget your pet, but you may find a place inside of you, where they can live,  where the thought of them not so painful.

You’ll never forget the feeling of being unconditionally loved.  Pass it on.