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Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Collection


Attract everything you want, from love to health to money, with Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Collection!

Product Description

Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Collection is the best way to raise your vibration. This collection includes two different entrainments that help you to find what you want and manifest it. This collection also includes five more entrainments that have more focus towards health, love, money, sleep and all the good you know you deserve.



  1. Seeing Your Wants
  2. Creating Your Wants
  3. Attracting Good Things
  4. Attracting a Good Sleep
  5. Attracting Love
  6. Attracting Good Health
  7. Attracting Prosperity



These mp3s work exactly like every other entrainment on our website. Simply find a distraction free environment where you can listen to this for 30 minutes (more if you want to listen to more than one). While we do recommend using noise cancelling headphones, either earphones or headphones can be used. Lastly, remember not to use any entrainment when you need to concentrate (example: when driving or using machinery).

For the Law of Attraction: The Ultimate Collection bundle, the first two are the main mp3s. The other five can be used to help you focus more towards specific areas.


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