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Law of Attraction 2.0

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This is the missing ingredient to using the Law of Attraction successfully.

Product Description

This is the missing ingredient to manifesting.

It’s all about being in the right brainwave.

 Law of Attraction 2.0

Brainwave Entrainment Is The Missing Ingredient


You’ve probably tried manifesting an intention and had small successes here and there but haven’t had any big desires come into the physical.


Wonder why?

You have to be in the right brainwave frequency to manifest anything…just like you have to be on the proper channel, to see your favorite TV show.  So too with placing your order with the Universal Mind, the Void out of which everything comes from.  

If you’re not in the right frequency, there’s a possibility that the parts of your brain necessary for an intention to work, are not activated.


There is a physical component to manifesting that involves the use of a brainwave that stimulates those areas.


  • The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex are the key players.
  • The hippocampus reconstructs your images into new environments, letting you imagine possibilities for your intention.
  • The prefrontal cortex represents your ability to measure a sense of purpose.
  • Both of these brain areas help you imagine a new environment for your intention to manifest.


When you use of brainwave entrainment  (a powerful audio technology that introduces specially engineered brainwave frequency patterns to the brain for synchronization) a certain state of consciousness is produced enabling you to manifest into your experience.



The secret to successfully manifesting your intentions is that you need to engage certain areas of the brain. Brainwave entrainment will stimulate those areas without you having to figure out how to turn them on.

Try the Missing Ingredient, Law of Attraction 2.0 and start seeing results.

For more information on manifesting using brainwave entrainment, read this article “Can Brainwave Entrainment Help You Manifest Your Desires?” from Ezine Articles.


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