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Inner Peace Binaural


Do you need a little help finding that sense of inner peace?

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Product Description


 Inner Peace

Inner peace.  A place of silence, the voice of theta wave.  The non-stop chatter of your consciousness is quietened here.

This mp3 download session, Inner Peace in Binaural Beats,  takes you deep into your subconscious mind where great emotional healing takes place filling you with feelings of peacefulness, bliss and depth.  You’ll will be in touch with your higher consciousness.  You may not remember what you will learn here because there are no words, but you can come out of the session feeling like you learnt something profound sent to you from a higher dimension.

You can…

  • feel extreme bliss.
  • feel empathy for your fellow person.
  • feel rejuvenated.
  • experience the deepest level of mind/body relaxation.
  • have a connection to the unconscious mind or God.
  • It is necessary to wear headphones.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Strength increases with repeated entrainment.