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Increase IQ Isochronic


Do you think that maybe life would be a little better if you could raise your IQ? Maybe you could make some wiser choices?

Product Description


YOU’RE SMARTER THAN YOU THOUGHT.  The use of entrainment has been shown to increase I.Q. immensely.

This mp3 download session, IQ Increase in Isochronic Tones,  will help you focus, increasing your concentration, enhancing intelligence and I.Q.  You will have the ability to think  quickly and with more energy geared towards your goal.  The perk is that you’ll feel good and excited while in this brainwave and it works really well while you are studying.  You’ll be in peak performance.   This is a perfect session to use with your eyes open.

You can…

  • experience full synchronization of both sides of brain
  • activate all parts of the brain
  • receive optimum performance of your brain 
  • It is not necessary to wear headphones, but doing so, will enhance your experience. 
  • Thirty minutes long. 
  • Strength increases with repeated entrainment.