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Increase Desire Binaural


Has you desire for sex been down in the dumps lately?

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Product Description


 Increase Desire

Sexual desire is an intense sexual feeling that a person has for another person.  Lots of things contribute to sexual desire including physical stimuli and biological conditions like hormones.  Desire levels can vary greatly between men and women and there is no “normal” level of sexual desire.

This mp3 download session, Desire in Binaural Beats,  immediately relieves stress, which can be a big deterrent to desire, leaving you with the fresh sexual energy.  Dopamine levels will become balanced leaving you with a healthy libido.  All hormone levels will be running at full throttle.

You can…

  • activate a release of sex hormone
  • feel energized
  • have of sense well-being and satisfaction.
  • It is necessary to wear headphones.
  • Thirty minutes long. 
  • Strength increases with repeated sessions.