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Financial Abundance Binaural


Sometimes you can abundantly increase your finances if you have a broader view of what you can do.

Product Description

Financial Abundance

This mp3 download session, Financial Abundance in Binaural Beats,  uses both theta and gamma waves which work together to package information in your brain in a holographic way…thoughts, memories and images are all brought together to let you gain a higher perspective.  With all of your information fused together, you will have greater success with financial abundance because you’ll see the “whole” picture.  You’ll be able to process large amounts of information in small amounts of time and make  decisions from a higher insight.  These waves make you feel internally happier and more compassionate to others and the whole package together will make you abundant in all areas. You can…

  • experience great visual imagery.
  • enhance your perceptions;  all five senses.
  • release natural endorphins.
  • release serotonin,  “feel-good” hormone.
  • have total brain involvement.
  • achieve a high level of focus.
  • It is necessary to wear headphones.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Strength increases with repeated sessions.