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Empowering Vitality


How to empower vitality with entrainment is easy. You already have vitality within you. If you didn’t, you’d be one of the walking dead. Entraining revives.

Product Description


Imagine feeling really alive, really.  That’s empowering your vitality.


What does that mean exactly?


Well, it means that you live life fully aware (eyes wide open, in the present moment) of the challenges that you face everyday, and you know what it takes to face them (head on) to be successful and be the master of your own life, lived on your terms.


It’s obvious that you cannot always be in control of what trots into your life, but you can create a empowering response to those random shit storms, by generating the right changes within yourself, which in turn, attracts those right frequencies right back to you, making your life better.


Your vitality may have faded, forgotten on a shelf in deep in your subconsciousness,


you can wake it up again,

easily and quickly,


by training your mind to follow a sound frequency that diables the

chatter of your ego self, enabling you

to tap into the Source of your True Self.


This entrainment soundtrack, EMPOWERING VITALITY Mp3

uses Hamonic Entrainment to produce a powerful key, an open door, to a higher dimension where your true nature is, and where your answers lie.


This mp3 uses a very rarely utililized frequency called Lambda, a brainwave responsible for synchronizing, or the bringing together of regions in the brain that usually are separate.  


This brainwave frequency is thought to be a doorway to:

  • self-awareness
  •  higher levels of insight
  • extraordinary states of consciousness
  • personal creativity
  • out of body experiences
  • mystical experiences
  •  problem solving, and connection to everything information. 



When you listen to EMPOWERING VITALITY Mp3:


  • you feel a building, a blur of boundaries, a loss of physical awareness because your brainwaves are synchronizing to a high sound frequency level and state of consciousness, that is engaged by the soundtrack’s unique entainment formula.


  • you feel an energy running through your physical body, your cheeks, your fingers and even your genitals because waves of energy are being released from areas of your brain that are hard to access without help.  


  • you feel the essence of who you are rising, elevating and connecting to something larger than life, because this entrainment activates both sides of your brain which generates the experience of God within.


  • *you feel like you know a secret, but you can’t put it into words, because this entrainment soundtrack combines two different ways to effectively entrain the brain into a Harmonic Box entrainment that, focuses on a specific frequency and multiples of it, producing some interesting “wow” effects.


You have all the vitality you need, inside of you.

You just need to access it.


To access and empower your Vitality with Entrainment 



selectively produced by WaveriderMp3, a division of Waverider Emporium


*Harmonic Box X– a new type of entrainment.


 Harmonic Box X is individually designed in a tone-based brainwave entrainment method that combines binaural beats with monaural tones in a harmonic formation. 


 Harmonic Box X will carry you Deeply into the Now and is at least 10 times as effective as binaural beats or monaural beats alone,providing for a very fast and effortless execution, into the meditative state.


This entrainment helps you…


* Reconnect with Source-Energy


* Shift consciousness from human mind to human being.


* Open up to an Infinite field of possibilities for manifestation, answers to prayers, and intuition