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Anger Management Isochronic


Is anger eating you up inside?

Product Description

Manage Anger

Anger management is the psychological technique of recognizing triggers and signs that you are becoming angry so that you can calm down and deal with the situation in a positive manner.

This mp3 download session, Anger Management in Isochronic Tones,  draws the brain into theta and alpha waves where fears melt away and are replaced with insight, inspired thought and a feeling of greater connection to other people.  These waves can release you from being stuck on a trigger.

You can…

  • be conscious of surroundings but your body will be relaxed
  • be in perfect place for reprogramming your default
  • feel at peace
  • stress release
  • elevate your mood
  • It is not necessary for you to wear headphones, but doing so, may enhance your experience.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Effect upon you is strengthened with repeated entrainment sessions.