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Do you need some guidance? Ask an angel for their blessings.

Product Description

Angels Blessings

An angel’s blessing provides great spiritual guidance and inspiration for challenging times.  With this mp3 download session Angel Blessings in Isochronic Tones, you will be able to connect with your angels and receive strength for any struggle you may be having, hope for positivity in your life, answers to prayers you have been sending, a knowing that the angels are always with you, and, overall, you will have  a sense of love enveloping all of your life.  

You can…

  • access your intuitive knowledge
  • feel angels around you
  • know you are blessed
  • It is not necessary for you to wear headphones, but doing so, may enhance your experience.
  • Thirty minutes long.
  • Effect upon you is strengthened with repeated entrainment sessions.