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Have you taken the time to relax lately? Burnout isn’t funny.

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Product Description


Alpha Pulses


This recording “Alpha Pulses” is pure isochronic life empowering vitality entrainment and  has no background noise other than the pulses.

Alpha brainwaves describe the electrical activity of the brain in the frequency from 8 to 12 Hz or cycles per second. They are commonly produced in a synchronized fashion connecting both hemispheres of your brain, though they can be found solely in the right hemisphere as well. This activity usually occurs naturally in periods of light relaxation or when your eyes are closed but you are awake.

Alpha waves are associated with relaxation and daydreaming. They are also present upon introspection. The brain uses alpha wave frequencies to rest areas of the brain not processing or acting upon incoming sensory or motor information.
As an early teen or child, you likely had a dominant alpha brainwave pattern. Alpha wave is the place of emotions and images and the doorway to the subconscious. Mental rehearsal in this brainwave engrains new neural pathways to induce new patterns of behaviour and manifestations.
This is the ultimate meditative state.
Benefits of Alpha Wave Pulses
• Calms down mind and body.
• Helps you access your creative states.
• Enhances problem solving.
• Centers your emotions.
• Helps you perform optimally.
• Reduces fear, tension, stress, nervousness, and anxiety.
• Puts you into the flow.
• Helps you tap into “super learning”.
• Improves your immune system functioning.
• Induces positive thinking.
• Is a natural antidepressant.
• Gives you an increased awareness of yourself: body and mind.
• Helps you be more outgoing.
• Is the brainwave state of meditation.