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Abdominal Pain Isochronic


Sometimes you can’t even think when your stomach hurts so bad, especially if you are having a diverticulitis flare-up.

Product Description

Abdominal Pain

A stomach ache or abdominal pain can distract you from everything going on around you.  Gastritis, IBS, diverticulosis, GERD to name a few, can be very painful.

This mp3 download session, Abdominal Pain Eliminator in Isochronic Tones,  activates the brainwave frequency that releases the body’s natural analgesic leaving you feeling a sense of well being and decreased pain.  It centers you again and concentrates on organs in the abdominal area.

You can…

  • release natural pain killers.
  • relax your body and mind
  • feel a great sense of well-being 
  • It is not necessary to wear headphones, but doing so, may enhance your experience.
  • Thirty minutes long
  • Strength increases with repeated entrainment.