Seance Using Isochronic Tones

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A séance is a meeting of two or more people who gather to receive messages from ghosts, spirits of the dead, or to listen to a medium relay message from spirits.

The chief advantage of such an assembly of spiritually minded people, is that the energy needed to communicate and help with manifestation, is increased.

Brainwave entrainment, in isochronic tones, will vamp up a séance circle even more by synchronizing the assembly’s brainwave frequencies. Isochronic tones can be played over a stereo and more than one person can be entrained at one time.

There is no communication on the beta frequency that you spend a whole lot of time in during your busy days. In order to communicate with higher vibrational beings, you must alter your consciousness, slow down your brainwaves, access the doorway between conscious mind and subconscious mind, and be consistent in that frequency.

What is easy for people that have an en, if they use brainwave entrainment to help them achieve the proper brainwave frequency and maintain it.

Gather Your Participants. Let ‘s Have A Seance Using Isochronic Tones


  • Choose a well ventilated room, on the cool side. Magnetic energy in the room will warm it up.
  • Select a specially designed isochronic tones recording. Set it up and play it in the background while you have your séance.
  • Smudge the area for the séance with sage or sweet grass, or spray the room, corners, and doorways with salt water.
  • Put a white light around the room, your participants, and yourself.
  • Make sure there will be no distractions like kids, or cell phones.
  • Dim the lights-in fact, turn off the lights and use candles instead. Spirits are drawn to heat and flame.
  • Create an atmosphere conducive to connecting with the spirit world.
  • Set the table with three candles or any number divisible by three, in the center. Place objects around the table of the deceased ones you will be summoning. Pictures, rings, brushes…
  • Remove any flowers that may not be fresh. This will affect your connection.
  • Sit around table and create a circle.
  • Hold hands if you like or lay hands on top, palms downwards on the table. It is believed that wood, when charged, becomes a good conductor so you don’t necessarily have to hold hands.
  • Start with a prayer of protection.
  • State why you have gathered and who you’d like to speak with.
  • Gentle conversation about what is at hand is o.k. until the spiritual phenomena begins to manifest.
  • Have a pen and paper ready.
  • Stay put. Don’t let anyone leave or come in late or you’ll have to start again. The energy will be diminished. You should not be disturbed in any way after sitting commences.
  • It doesn’t matter when you summon a spirit. They are in no-time.
  • Try to use verbal communication so that you can all be on the same page connecting wise.
  • Whether or not the spirit or spirits show up, know that it is spirit who will run the show.
  • Depending upon the connection, they may appear, speak, or tap you on the shoulder.
  • If you notice a swift cool breeze in the room, that may be all they can do to materialize at this time.
  • Don’t be disappointed if it appears that your requests are ignored.
  • Sometimes it can take a few séances before everything is in place for a communication.


Brainwave entrainment can help facilitate a successful communication with your deceased loved one or spirit that you’d like to hear from. Entrainment keeps the frequency in the room static, which can enable the spirit an easier communication.

When everyone’s brainwave frequency is bouncing all over the place, it’s like trying to listen to a song on the radio that keeps fading in and out. Not so good. Entrainment keeps the song steady and loud.


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