Relax, Visualize, and Affirm What You Really Want Using Brainwave Entrainment

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Your thoughts create your reality, and when you focus and direct your thoughts, you can have anything…you can get what you want.

Brainwave entrainment is a self-help tool that introduces sound patterns to the brain with the intention of changing your dominant brainwave frequency to a desired state. This method, which manifesting brainwave entrainmentputs you into a frequency that accesses the subconscious, works very well in combination with relaxation, visualization, and affirmation.

The only way to get what you want is to impress your desire in your subconscious mind, which in turn, sends out your message to the collective consciousness, which is where it makes preparations to manifest in the physical world.


• Find a quiet, private place where you won’t be disturbed. Dim the lights.

• Sit on the floor, bed, or chair so that your back is straight. This will help you keep your mind awake.

• Put on a specifically designed brainwave entrainment recording for manifesting.

• Put on headphones regardless if the recording is in isochronic tones or binaural beats. The effect is greater when there are no distractions.

• Breath, relax your mind and focus on the sound of the pulses.

• As you follow the recording, your brainwaves will slow down from beta wave (fast) to alpha wave(slower).

• You will be awake but your conscious mind will be asleep. As the mind relaxes, your spirit awakens and your body regenerates.

• Unwanted, crazy noise from your conscious mind fades. Very few thoughts will pass by now making this the perfect time to start directing a specific thought or desire. It will be much more powerful here.

• You should feel very relaxed, positive and open.

• Now is the time to start manifesting.

• You are at the gateway…the entry point into the subconscious.


• This is where you can reach and communicate with your subconscious mind directly to put in your order.

• This is also the area where you may come upon some blocks or internal inhibitions. If you feel you know what they are, this is the place where you change the message to something positive.

• When you are relaxed, you are entering the state of creativity. You can induce thoughts and new beliefs and re-program your subconscious.

• When you feel positive, start envisioning your desire-maybe envision a mental vision board or a movie.

• What do you want?

• Focus. Use all of your senses. What does it feel, smell, taste, sound, look like? What do you look like living with the manifestation of this desire?

• Hold the image of what you want and feel like you already have it.

• It’s real and happening now.

• Clear pictures and rich details of what you want are critical. Control your emotions and thoughts.

• See your desire in present time.

• Imagine seeing yourself on a movie screen with your new intention.

• Don’t do a laundry list of desires. Do one or two a session.


• If you like to use affirmations or suggestions, this is the time.

• Induce new thoughts and beliefs and what you want at this point.

• The subconscious is seriously listening to you now.

• Add feelings to your suggestions. This doubles or triples the effect.

• Really believe in your desire.

• You have just programmed your subconscious mind and it has sent the order into the universe.

Relax, visualize, and affirm using brainwave entrainment and get the attention of your subconscious, the manager of your life, to get what you really want.

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