Relax and Float Away On The Alpha Wave Using Brainwave Entrainment

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sweety-girl-floating-over-waterAlpha brainwave is a stress-busting frequency that can provide you with the ultimate experience in relaxation. In this brainwave frequency, using brainwave entrainment to get you there, you can easily imagine yourself floating in warm, salty blue water, off of a white beach, fully aware of what you are doing, while not having a care in the world.

Alpha Brainwave Frequency

This frequency is the beginning of the slow wave frequencies that alters your consciousness, and puts you into a meditative or trance state. It’s many attributes include a pleasant inward awareness, tranquil consciousness, and body/mind integration.

Alpha allows you to be aware of the third dimension, your everyday reality, while also being aware of portions of the spatial fourth dimension, a place that holds the threshold between your conscious world and your unconscious world. This brainwave facilitates a connection to Universal Energy, Collective Unconsicous, or your Source.

When your brain is dominant in alpha frequency, your right brain is activated and you think in pictures and sounds and are not bound by human language. Because you are not longer constrained by the logic of your normal conscious brainwave of beta frequency, you can indulge in your innate creativity.

This is the place or space in consciousness that you can receive inspiration and burst of “aha” moments. You have a better understanding of yourself because you are at the doorway to your subconscious, which communicates to your conscious self with images and feelings.

The imagery in this wave is outstanding. All the sensations of your five senses come alive. Everything in your mind’s eye is more colorful, more beautiful than if you were sensing them in your purely conscious reality.

All feelings of fear, tension, and anxiety, disappear.

Image floating, on your back, eyes closed, in the warm, salty waters off of Fiji, thousands of miles away from work, and stress and anxiety. The sun is shining and warm on your body, a breeze is gently playing with your face, and the current is gently rocking you, back and forth in the undulating waves. You can hear the tide ride up onto the white sandy beach with a roar, retreating back into the ocean with a slow, steady gait. You are not asleep, but you feel like jelly, all tension gone, all worries gone.

That’s the alpha brainwave.

The Chemicals Help

Alpha brainwave frequency releases chemicals that instantly relax your mind and body.

· Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, and regulates movement and emotional responses. Dopamine works as a natural amphetamine and controls your energy, excitement, and motivation.

· Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel sleepy, safe, and secure. It makes you feel happy.

· Endorphins, are neurotransmitters that are your own natural narcotics, similar to morphine but much stronger. Endorphins reduce pain and bring about a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological tool that changes your dominant brainwave frequency to the desired alpha state, by introducing a sound stimulus to your brain. The brain, by a law in physics called frequency following response, mimics this sound and alters your state of consciousness to the alpha state. The entraining begins within 6 minutes of a session, activating areas in the right brain that immediately release the chemicals necessary for your relaxation experience.

Relax and float away, on your own private beach, with alpha brainwave entrainment.

If you had the mind power to change your life, for the better, using your brainwaves, why wouldn’t you?

Check out the Alpha brainwave frequency and see what it can do for you.

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