Receive Angel Messages Using Brainwave Entrainment

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Angels provide encouragement, miracles, and blessings. Much of what an angel does is provide a line of communication between us, we mortals, and the divine. Sometimes they tell us of some great events that are coming, and sometimes they warn us of impending danger.

Angels watch over us.

We have difficulty hearing the messages from the angels and that’s where brainwave entrainment can help.

Brainwave entrainment introduces repeated, rhythmic patterns to the brain with the intention of altering your state of consciousness. The brain naturally follows this stimulus and mimics the pattern, altering its brainwave frequency to match.

In order to communicate with your angels, you need to be on the right brainwave frequency and stay on that frequency, consistently during your communication.

Entrainment makes it easy to access that wave and stay on it so you can receive your angel message much more clearly.

How To Know You May Have Received An Angel Message


  • You may experience a vision.
  • Angels come from the realm of symbols and images. You may see a symbol.
  • You may be able to see the colors of your aura or that of someone close.
  • Beautiful colored lights may appear.
  • You may see an image in your mind.
  • When you close your eyes, you may see colors.
  • The sound of celestial music is a big sign of a message.
  • Sometimes, you may actually hear their voice.
  • You may become more empathic and can feel other people’s feelings.
  • You may feel a warmth in your solar plexis, heart, or throat area.
  • You may smell scents that have a symbolic nature. (Rose perfume that your grama wore)
  • Quite often, when an angel is around, the air will be cold. You may feel chilly.
  • Your body may tingle.
  • Waves of bliss may come over you.
  • You may feel a touch on your shoulder.
  • An angel may change your tire on the freeway, and then disappear, or pull the covers over you at night when you are too sleepy to do it yourself.


Angels come in many forms and send you messages in many more.

Specially designed brainwave entrainment recordings for angel blessings work the best when you use headphones to stop the interference of any distraction.

It’s always best to close your eyes when listening and experience and visualize everything in the dimension beyond your conscious, physical mind.

The angel’s vibrations are much higher than we can achieve in this lifetime, but if you can raise your vibration by accessing a frequency that slows your brainwaves, as you can easily with brainwave entrainment, the angels can lower their frequency and meet you half way.

I wonder what message the angels have for you.


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