30 Minute Power Nap Binaural

One-of-a-kind brainwave entrainment for people who know the value of a good power nap.

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3D Visualization Binaural

This really helps you visualize.

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ADD/ADHD Binaural

This will speed up child's brainwave and help them focus.

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help concept, special toned photo f/x, focus point selective
Alzheimers Binaural

Do you know someone who could use a little help with their Alzheimer’s symptoms?

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Anger Management Binaural

Do you need some help with your anger issues?

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Anti-Depressive Binaural

Sometimes, when you are depressed, it's because you're not making enough of a certain hormone…probably because you are stressed.

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Birthing Pain Binaural

Are you afraid of the pain you may be in during labour? This will help.

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Bladder Infection Binaural

Does it burn when you pee? Need some relief for a bladder infection?

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Blood Pressure Binaural

Is you blood pressure a little high?

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Chakra Health Binaural

Can you imagine how good you’d feel if you were mentally, spiritually, and physically balanced, all at the same time?

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Clairaudience Binaural

Have you been hearing voices? Would you like to?

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Dental Pain Binaural

Is the pain in your tooth driving you mad?

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Depressed Binaural

Are you stuck in a downward spiral?

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Distance Healing Binaural

Is there anyone you need to send healing to?

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Dream Binaural

How would you like to visit someone in the Astral Realm? Maybe your long dead Uncle Tommy or maybe your favorite pet, Daisy. One way to get there is through astral travelling.

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Eating Disorders Binaural

Do you sometimes throw up after eating way too much?

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