Praying From The Heart Using Brainwave Entrainment

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Praying from the heart transcends religion, science and mysticism.prayer

Our prayers always come true, are answered, when we focus on our heart and feel gratitude that our desires already manifested. Communicating with God, the Source, Universal Energy, has to be done in the right vibration and that frequency is the passageway between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Brainwave entrainment, a scientifically-proven neurological tool that entrains your brainwaves to a specific frequency, can alter your consciousness and enhance your heart-felt prayers. Achieving this state can take a great deal of time on your own. Entrainment can help you transmit your prayer quickly and effectively, by activating the parts of your brain that have direct access to your Source.

The power of prayer comes from the feeling evoked from the words you speak and not from the words themselves.

The emotion behind your desire is what is communicated to the Divine.

That feeling is what directly accesses your body, other people, and the creative forces of your world.

Your prayers have already been answered.

All scenarios already exist, in a different vibrational level than you are conscious of, and it is up to you to choose what version of events you want to manifest in your waking life.

Praying for a desire is choosing a scenario. If you pray from your heart, evoking the feeling of that desire, and from a place of gratitude, your prayer will come forth into the third dimension. It has no choice.

By the Universal Law of Attraction, the vibrational frequency of the feeling of your prayer has to be matched by a like frequency.

This is how you create your reality, consciously or unconsciously, praying or not praying. Most of the time, you attract what you focus upon or by how you feel, by default.

Prayer is a feeling that you transmit to “All-That-Is” and the Collective Unconscious.

Telling (by emoting from your heart) Universal Energy that you are grateful for the manifestation of your prayer, ensures the manifestation of your prayer.

Praying from the Heart Using Brainwave Entrainment

· Choose an entrainment session that uses the theta brainwave frequency, which directly connects you to the higher dimensions of your Source.

· Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.

· Think about what it is you want to achieve with your prayer. Think about how it would feel to have your prayer realized.

· Shut your eyes, regardless of what kind of entrainment you use, and focus on the sound of the pulses.

· After a short time, your consciousness will begin to alter. There will be a shift.

· Don’t try to stop any thoughts that pop up. Watch them, in your mind’s eye, and let them flow away. If you don’t engage these thoughts, less and less will show up.

· Keep focusing on the pulses and picture the area around your heart.

· Now, in this space that directly communicates with your Source, imagine what it would feel like to already have your prayer answered, and how grateful you are.

· Stay with this feeling.

· Before you know it, the session will be over. Time is distorted in this state of consciousness.

· Once the session is over and you go about your day, remind yourself of how grateful you are for the manifestation of your prayer.

Brainwave entrainment is a very powerful tool that can enhance your heart-based prayer, helping your prayers to come true. When you embody the feeling of your prayer and especially if you are grateful, you will attract that reality, the physical world mirroring your higher dimensional world. The feeling you send, coming from your heart, transmitting to the Source, is instrumental in you receiving what you pray for.




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