Power Prayer Using Brainwave Entrainment

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I’ve always done my best praying, praying that feels powerful and received, while meditating using brainwave entrainment.

It seems like the most natural thing to do.prayer praying brainwave entrainment

Prayer is a communication to God through words or thoughts, and what a perfect place for that to happen when you’re at the threshold of the collective consciousness, your subconscious.

The goal of prayer meditation is simple awareness, a connection, if you will, to your inner source, a communication to let go of things and trust. You have to be quiet to listen, so God can talk to you. Meditation is listening. Meditation is a must for prayer.

Many people pray asking for help, for guidance, or for healing, for themselves or others. What they don’t always do, is listen for God’s answer or guidance.

Brainwave entrainment refers to the brainwave response to repetitive sensory stimulation, like sound and/or visual pulses. When the brain is induced with a consistent, rhythmic stimulus, it will entrain by mimicking the stimulus. With this knowledge, specialized programs can be designed to stimulate the brain with precise frequency patterns, taking the brain to a desired state of consciousness. This is a proven scientific process that can be measured on EEG machines and is very effective. Specially designed recordings can draw the brain into a perfect place for prayer.

How To Power Pray Using Brainwave Entrainment


  • Before you get started, drink a glass of water. Entrainment, no matter for what purpose, increases your metabolism and you want your body to be at prime so it doesn’t distract your state of consciousness.
  • Choose a good meditation entrainment recording.
  • Sit comfortably on the front part of a chair, feet flat on the floor, in a quiet place, if possible.
  • Keep your spine straight, your head balanced–you’ll find your head wants to drop forward during meditation, don’t let it.
  • Breath naturally, don’t control it. You will notice, as you get deeper into meditation, that your breaths come further and further apart and may even cease at one point. Don’t worry about this. It’s all good. You are getting close at this point to start your prayer.
  • Keep focusing on your breathing or for deeper entrainment, focus on the beats or pulses.
  • Start praying or visualizing while in this altered state….if it feels right, do it.
  • Visualize a white light. As you inhale, imagine this light filling your body. As you exhale, envision all negative energy leaving you.
  • Or, visualize that “special place”. Mine is a grassy knoll around a waterfall.
  • Pray, communicate with the Divine, your higher self. You can use words but back it up with feelings and images. When in this state, you are at the gateway to the collective consciousness and communication here is done with images.
  • Witness yourself praying to God. Witness silently. Detach yourself.
  • Keep coming back to your breathing or the beats or tones. Keep focused, don’t let your mind veer off from your intended goal.
  • Allow your thoughts and feelings to come and go without attachment. They will eventually take you where you need to go. Go with the flow.
  • You will be very relaxed at this point and will feel very good. You are aware of your consciousness, not of your body.
  • When you have finished the recording, take a minute to return to normal awareness. Enjoy the warm, pleasant feeling of having just been in another dimension.
  • Don’t get up to quickly or open your eyes yet. Give yourself a few more minutes before you come back to the glaring physical world.
  • When you’re back, drink a glass of water to get rid of any loose negative energy.
  • You may be a little spacy, clumsy even… the rest of you will come back soon enough.


When Is The Best Time To Power Pray?

The best time, most constructive time to pray using brainwave entrainment and meditation, is before you eat, maybe in the morning before breakfast and in the evening, before dinner. Your digestive system will shut down during meditation and give you indigestion.

You might notice that you….


    • fall asleep. That’s o.k. You’ve just gone to a deeper level and are still communicating with your higher self or God. You’re just not consciously aware. With practice, you’ll be able to stay awake and still go deeply into a meditative state. It may take a few times. Have one of your intentions be that you stay awake.


    • cry. You might feel an overwhelming feeling of emotion coming from your heart area. That’s good. Let the energy flow out. You know you’re really connecting when this happens. It’s a gift of release from the collective consciousness.


  • receive flashes, images, feelings that seem to come from someone or somewhere else….because they are. This is your communication back. Pay attention to what you feel. There’ll be some answers in there.


What Are The Benefits Of Power Praying?

The benefits of praying using a powerful brainwave frequency is unique for each person, but is definitely in the balancing of both physiological and psychological processes.

Some of the benefits of power praying will be realized immediately. You see them right away. But it’s a gift that keeps on giving. You’ll see more benefits as time goes on.

Power praying, using a specially designed brainwave entrainment recording will boost your prayers and help you make an effective, beneficial connection to your higher self, the collective consciousness, and God.

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