Panic Attack Treatment – Change Your Brain Chemistry

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Anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack knows how debilitating they can be, in the moment.

They come out of the blue, for no perceivable reason, and throw your whole life into turmoil and distress.

You feel like you’re going to die, that you cannot breathe, that you are going crazy, and you are out of control.

Scientific research shows that when you are having a panic attack, your brain is operating in a fast brainwave frequency called high-beta, which is above 40 Hz. At this frequency, neurons begin firing at random and in an unorganized pattern. This leads to not being able to focus and the feeling of being confused. Your brain chemicals are thrown out of sync and only parts of your brain are being utilized.

High levels of stress and anxiety are generated by the release of cortisol and adrenaline, stress response chemicals, into the bloodstream at this a high brainwave frequency.

The body reacts to these stress hormones, regardless of whether or not there is a real physical threat or a perceived threat. The body goes through exactly the same physiological flight reaction as it does in a life-threatening situation.

If the parasympathetic system doesn’t step in and calm everything down, regions of the brain become hyperactive, provoking the body’s defensive responses-fight or flight.

Staying in a constant state of fight or flight is a great precursor to having a panic attack.

Are You A Candidate For A Panic Attack?

• You are afraid to go to sleep and as a result, are exhausted from not sleeping.

• You numb yourself with alcohol, and/or drugs to give yourself a false sense of courage.

• You suffer from depression.

• You have irrational fears, like the fear of touching other people’s hands…or more precisely, them touching yours.

• You have an anxiety disorder from PSTD or stress.

• You can’t relate well with people because of intense feelings of anxiety.

• You are in a constant state of worry.

• You feel the worst will happen no matter the situation.

• You have sweaty palms a lot of the time.

• Your have heart palpitations when you are stressed out.

• You don’t know how to relax.

• You have an addiction because you were attempting to alleviate your distress.

Changing Brain Chemistry Is Effective Treatment For Panic Attacks

A panic attack seems to take place when chemicals in the brain don’t stop stimulating the fear center, which is situated in the amygdala, and other areas that control our experience of pain, and the body’s response to threat.

Changing the brain chemistry by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, would stop the release of these hormones, and allow the mind and body to relax…and not have a panic attack.

Brain chemistry can be changed by changing the brainwave frequency signals.

When the brain is primed and ready to have an anxiety attack, it is functioning in a high-beta frequency. To stop the possibility of an extreme reaction, the brainwave pattern needs to be changed to the slower alpha frequency.

Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven tool that alters brainwave patterns by introducing audio and/or visual pulses to the brain. The brain mimics this deliberate sound wave, altering messages and signals, thereby changing the hormones and chemicals to a desired state.

Brainwave entrainment is a simple, effective way to lower stress and stop a panic attack.

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