SACRAL CHAKRA Part 2 What’s Up or Down With Your Sex Drive?
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Our sacral chakra is situated midway between the pubis and the navel, about two inches below the navel in the sacrum.

It’s function is to facilitate pleasure, sexuality, procreation, creativity, emotions, desire, self-gratification, relationships, intimacy, sharing, sensations, appetite, movement, imagination, the unconscious, friendliness, and intuition.

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Concerning a blocked root chakra, it is related to whether or not you received unconditional love and affection during the first precious years of your life. If you didn’t, the root will blocked.

When the root chakra is deeply divided at the root, the top layers will be influenced more by life’s experiences and the deep layers will be truly aligned with your basic intrinsic nature.

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Subconscious energy blocks are what’s preventing you from getting what you want or being what you want.

Brainwave entrainment will help you clear the blocks, helping you access the soul level where your desires are processed. Entrainment is a scientifically proven tool that induces your brain to produce a brainwave frequency pattern that takes you to the subconscious mind gateway, where you can clear your blocks and make your intentions.

Stress and Aging–Part 5 How De-stressing With Brainwave Entrainment Lengthens Your Life
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There has to be a way to minimize the effects of stress on our minds and bodies, aging us prematurely…and there is. It’s called brainwave entrainment

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There is an energy that is resistant to life. This is called negative psychic energy and is never very far away from you.

Blocking this negative energy is something you have the power to do and brainwave entrainment is an effective tool that you can use to help you stay safe and positive.

Stress and Aging–Part 3 What Can Make You Grow Old Faster?
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Stress speeds up aging–we know that now, but your ability to tolerate stress and delay premature aging, depends on many things.
The quality of your relationships, your general outlook on life, your emotional intelligence, and your genetics, all play a factor in how well you resolve excessive stress.

Stress and Aging….Part 2 Do You Have The Signs?
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We all age at different rates and how we react to stress, how we interpret it, determine what it does to our bodies. Our bodies…nervous systems and endocrine systems were not meant for the unique stresses that we face in our everyday life today. We are not wild cavemen anymore and killing our stressor in mid-jump, quickly resolving our conflict. Our stressors don’t limp away quickly and leave us alone anymore…job, relationships, health stressors hang in there for the long run.

Stress—Is It Making You Old Before Your Time?
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Time is going by faster and faster, the older you get and there is evidence that this is a proven fact.
As time goes by, you age, faster and faster.
If you add the element of stress to the mix, you age even faster…and you die sooner.

Ladies Going Bald – Grow Hair With Brainwave Entrainment
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Is your hair thinning? Has it lost it’s girth, let alone it’s colour? Has something in your biological system shut down and your locks are missing in action? Maybe you don’t know why your hair is disappearing. Maybe it’s stress. Actually it’s a little known fact that as we age, yes even women, can lose the quality and thickness of our hair.

The Connection Between Stress and Cancer
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Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, liver cirrhosis, and suicide. [MEMBER EXCLUSIVE]

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