Are You Spiritually Awakening? Are You Ready To Connect?
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Has Your Crown Chakra Started Opening? Before we look at the 7th Chakra, The Crown Chakra—the Chakra of spiritual focus that integrates the total personality, your spiritual entity with your human entity, let’s take a look and see if you’ve … Read More

THIRD EYE CHAKRA—Seeing Beyond Physical Reality
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Brainwave entrainment will help you access the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to you while in your human body, comes through your Third Eye Chakra making it one of the most important chakras.

The Connection Between Gamma Brainwaves, Aha Moments, and Brainwave Entrainment
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Some say it lives in the heart but is managed from the brain when it is in the gamma brainwave frequency.

Access to this brainwave is complicated because it integrates itself in with the rest of the brainwave frequencies in spikes.

Brainwave entrainment can change the electro-chemistry of the brain to sustain a steady gamma frequency, enabling a fertile ground for “aha” moments.

It’s something that happens to you when you understand the language of the unconscious.

Panic Attack Treatment – Change Your Brain Chemistry
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There’s nothing so disorienting that having a panic attack, especially in the middle of rush hour. It’s all about brain chemistry and the messages that are playing in your head. Changing that chemistry can stop an anxiety attack in its tracks.

Are You Depressed? Brainwave Entrainment Can Help
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Depression, unfortunately, touches many people in this day and age. Do you have any of the following symptoms? Loss of appetite or increased appetite Inability to concentrate Feelings of extreme sadness Guilt Helplessness Hopelessness Thoughts of death or suicide. Feelings … Read More

Increase Desire With Brainwave Entrainment
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Sexual pleasure is formed in the brain. Your brain is your sexiest organ. If the brain isn’t turned on, then neither are you. Brainwave entrainment can turn your brain on.

Brainwave entrainment is a powerful proven scientific tool that can alter brainwave frequency in a deliberate manner. When a stimulus, in the form of sound and/or light, is introducted to the brain in a consistent, rhymthic pattern, the brain will mimic this stimulus and achieve a certain, precise state of consciousness. With a specialized entrainment recording, you can alter your state of mind and achieve just about anything you wish, including turning on your sexual vibe.

Change Your Mind
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The expression of who we are, our personality, is housed in our mind, our life data processor.

As we experience life, our brain changes as it learns and adapts to what is happening to us, and how we feel about it. If it didn’t do this, we wouldn’t survive.

Brain matter is malleable or plastic and is shaped by our life experiences and how we process them.

If the brain is stimulated repeatedly by a dominate brain wave frequency, like beta when we are in fear, that area of the brain will grow physically. Cells, blood vessels, and neurons grow and make strong connections and networks.

Our gray matter actually changes shape. As an example, if we experience a childhood of rejection, how we process that experience, is physically marked into our brain–as a blueprint that may or may not be in our consciousness awareness when we get older. That experience will be translated into how we cope and interact throughout our lives.

The shaping of our brain through experience, is the basis of our personality.

If we continue to reinforce thoughts in the area that has been sculpted, that area will remain strong. If we processed a childhood of rejection as a deficiency in our personality, and we continue to think those thoughts, that area of the brain will, and if it is not changed, the blocks removed, we will continue to feel lack as we go on in life. The physical representation of these experiences can be seen on a brain scan. As we live our life, this mark on our brain will influence how we express ourselves, and what our personality will be like.

Over time, if we come to the conclusion that those thoughts, and/or feelings aren’t doing us justice, we can change them and form new neural networks that do benefit us. The old negative area will then shrink and lose its dominance and a new, strong area of pathways will take over.

This is were brain wave entrainment comes in.

Brain wave entrainment can change your personality–for the better.

It can change you. It can help you. It can give you the god-given confidence and esteem that is rightfully yours.

The brain works in specifric frequencies. Each frequency has a very specific mental state or state of consciousness. Brain wave entrainment induces a wave pattern, repeatedly, through audio stimulation to achieve a desired state that the brain will follow and become entrained.

If we have a dominant brain wave frequency that eminates depression, entrainment can stimulate a different area of the brain that induces an antidepressive effect. The old depressive area will wither away and the new, “happy” area will grow. Our personality will naturally change if we’re not utilizing the depressed area anymore. This brain wave entrainment is particularly successful and fast. Even after one session, uplifiting effects can be felt. After a regime of about 6 weeks, 30 minutes a day, new neural pathways will be engrained into our gray matter and it will be easier for us to be in a natural state of happiness. Our brain will eventually, naturally, go to that area on its own, when we are mindful and focused.

It’s very interesting to note that a frequency can change a state of mind at any given moment.

Brainwave entrainment can change our state of mind using repeated specific audio wave patterns combined with a formula of
* intention
* focus
* and desired effect.

Life is about change and sometimes we need to change our personality, for our own best interest.

Brain wave entrainment can break the bonds of unhelpful blocks, that we unconsciously implanted years ago, easily and quickly with long lasting effects.

Change one idea about yourself today–and a whole flood gate will open.

It’s interesting to know your personality is not part of your fate. You can change “how” you really are.

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You can change what’s happening in your life, for the better, when you experience the different brainwave states that brainwave entrainment can bring so easily, to you. Here is the list: 101 Reasons To Use Brainwave Entrainment

The Heart Chakra – Part 2—“Letting Go and Let Love”
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Is your Heart Chakra open, blocked, completely closed? Do you need to open and balance your Heart Chakra using brainwave entrainment?
The fourth chakra, the Heart Chakra, is the pivotal point in the energetic body. Being midpoint of the stream of vital energy life force, this center is the most influential of all the seven energy centers.

All roads lead to the Heart Chakra, the seat of interconnection, transformation and unconditional love—aspects of our essential self and pure heart. The essence of unconditional love is deeply hidden by the layers of our needs and attachments, representing our true nature, is waiting to emerge.

Brainwave Entrainment: Solar Plexus Chakra—Part 2—You Are Worthy and You Matter
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The solar plexus chakra is located in your solar plexus, halfway between your navel and ribcage and is the domain of your inner adult. It is the center of your intellect and personal power, giving you the ability to stay true to your course in life.

This chakra is about integrity, courage, wisdom, and choice.

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