Using Isochronic Tones For Your Angel Circle

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Isochronic tones is a form of brainwave entrainment that doesn’t require headphones and can be listened to by more than one person, making it perfect for angel circles.

Isochronic tones are evenly spaced tones which turn on quickly and off quickly. They are an effective auditory entrainment method because they elicit a strong auditory evoked response via the thalamus and most people find them tolerable. They are exceptionally dissociating and have hypnotic qualities.

The purpose of an angel circle is to help people connect and heal with their angels. They are designed to create a loving and tender space where people feel safe and can heal.

An angel circle is a healing circle that is spiritually and angelically focused. The healing circle is in perfect and divine order and spirit lead.

Isochronic tones will put the circle into the proper brainwave frequency to connect with the dimension that angels come from, one that is much higher than the one we spend most of our time in.

The Angel Circle and Isochronic Tones


  • Before everyone comes, ask the angels to allow you to be a clear channel and vessel of healing.
  • Meditate to a specialized brainwave entrainment recording and set intentions before hand.
  • A good angel circle starts with the right atmosphere.
  • Lower the lights, burn incense if no one is allergic, use fresh flowers, and leave worries and anxieties at the door.
  • You are creating a scared place of healing.
  • Make an alter with angel figurines, pictures, and candles, one a taper, next to where you will stand.
  • Put a chair in the center of a circle of chairs. This is where individuals will receive specific healing.
  • Turn on a specifically designed isochronic tone recording for all to hear and attune to as the circle begins.
  • After introductions, ask people to stand and hold hands while you call on the angels and archangels and other spiritual beings to join.
  • You, as the facilitator, may begin to feel your body heat up. This is a sign that the angels are gathering.
  • Keep vibrations high and focus on the spiritual.
  • Light a candle on your alter.
  • Pick up the taper candle and light it from that candle.
  • Hold the candle aloft at arm’s length above your head and slightly in front of you.
  • Call upon the angels, archangels, star beings, and ascended masters.
  • Next, hold the candle below at hip height and call upon deceased loved ones and gods and goddesses.
  • Hold the candle at chest height with your arm outstretched and call upon all nature spirits.
  • Now turn and face east, holding the candle in front of you and say “I call upon Archangel Raphael” and instruct the circle to visualize the color emerald green infusing the circle.
  • Turn and face south, holding the candle in front of you and say “I call upon Archangel Michael” and instruct the circle to visualize the color cobalt blue infusing the circle.
  • Turn and face west, holding the candle in front of you and say “I call upon Archangel Gabriel” and instruct the circle to visualize the color golden white infusing the circle.
  • And then turn and face north, holding the candle in front of you and say “I call upon ArchangelUriel and instruct the circle to visualize the color purple red infusing the circle.
  • Hold the candle at chest height and say “Blessed be the seven of the seventh ways where all comes forth and returns in Peace Unending.”
  • Extinguish the taper candle.
  • Tell people to sit down.
  • The circle is open spiritually now and is prepared to receive healing and heavenly messages.
  • If certain people need a special healing or message, put them one at a time in the center of the circle and ask the angels help.
  • When the angel circle is finished, light the taper candle again.
  • Face east, hold candle in front of you and say “Let the east gate be closed.”
  • Face west, and say “Let the west gate be closed.”
  • Face North, and say “Let the north gate be closed.”
  • Face South, and say “Let the south gate be closed.”
  • Turn to the alter, extinguish both candle flames and say “May the Undying Light shine forth forever.”
  • Ask the circle to stand up, hold hands, and say “Holy angels, we thank you for your love and healing work. We send love and light to our friends and family (they can say specific names). We ask that you give each of us a very special guardian angel to watch over, guide, and protect us until we meet again. And so it is.”


Using isochronic tones will add several new dimensions to your circle that may not have happened on its own. Synchronizing the circle’s brainwaves will strengthen the connection to the angel realm.

Expect miracles.


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