Instant Benefits of Brain Wave Entrainment….no matter which session you use.

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It takes only 6 minutes for your brain to begin to experience the benefits of brain wave entrainment.

Brain wave entrainment is a natural phenomena that occurs when your brain falls into step with an outside stimulus, such as sound,  changing it from its dominant frequency to match that of the stimulus’ frequency.  It happens naturally every day.  We easily entrain our brains when we listen to a piece of music or watch and listen to rain dropping from the window sill.

Brain wave entrainment can be used as a self healing technique, and with repeated use over time, can have long-lasting and substantial positive benefits like lower blood pressure and less pain.  BWE is one of the best non-invasive methods available to everyone, and it has been proven to have a high rate of success.  Experts in the science field believe that brain wave entrainment enhances the power of the human mind.  Each different brain wave pattern produces different results, and if used habitually, over weeks and months, can produce permanent positive changes in your well-being.

However, there are some splendid INSTANT benefits that you can experience no matter what type of brain wave pattern you listen to.

After listening to a session, any session,  you’ll feel:


*  GOOD.  Your brain will signal your body to release serotonin.

*  REVITALIZED.  Your body will be charged with NEW energy.

*  HIGH.  You will experience a natural high from a release of endorphins.

*  LIGHT.  It will feel like a load has been lifted off of your shoulders.

*  REFRESHED.  You will feel like someone clicked your refresh button and you feel alert and focused.

*  CLEAR-HEADED.  Things won’t be so fuzzy.  You can process information more clearly.

*  SEXUALLY RENEWED.  The scientists don’t know why this is a side effect but feeling revitalized, renewed, and refreshed must have something to to with the resurrection of your libido.

*  JUST PLAIN HAPPIER.  With new energy flowing through you, and all of your natural opiates coursing through your veins, how could you not feel just plain happier.


Brain wave entrainment brings your mind to a higher level of operation which is immediately reflected in your body.

What is so cool about this type of brain training is is that you can use it WHENEVER you want. You can experience WHATEVER it is you desire….. and its as easy as putting on your headphones and listening to your i-pod.

You don’t need for a prescription, there are no ugly side effects, it’s inexpensive, you can do it whenever you decide for whatever it is you want to experience.

Brain wave entrainment reminds me of the powers Samantha had on “Bewitched”.  As a kid, I ached to be able to have more control over my reality.  I think its safe to say that BWE…………is magical and INSTANT.


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