Glimpse The Afterlife by Astral Projecting Using Brainwave Entrainment

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astral projection brainwave entrainmentAstral projection is an out-of-body experience (OBE) that can be achieved when you are awake, when you are lucid dreaming, during deep meditation, or when listening to brainwave entrainment.

Your consciousness, spirit, or soul, transfers into your astral body and then travels to the astral plane, the dimension that houses the afterlife.

Your consciousness can travel without limitations in the astral world. Physical objects and beings in this plane, are the astral counterparts of those you know in your waking consciousness.

One of the neat things about astral projecting, is that if you decide to visit someone here, in the physical world, in your astral body, they might be able to see you (if they are of that mindset), and you would appear like an apparition or ghost to them (almost like a doppelganger).

You are connected to your astral body by a silver cord that may or may not be visible to you. When this cord snaps or is separated from your astral body, you will have the astral projection of a lifetime-you will pass away and enter the astral world permanently. This will only happen when it is your time. Astral projecting is safe and you can’t sever the cord by accident.

How To Astral Project Using Brainwave Entrainment

• Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and lie down.

• Put on a specialized brainwave entrainment recording and focus on the sound pulses.

• Clear your mind and relax your body.

• The entrainment will begin to alter your state of consciousness, and after at about 10 minutes or so, you may feel your physical body become paralysed.

• Don’t resist this. This is an indication that you are leaving this dimension and entering an astral dimension.

• Vibrations may rock your body for a while. Concentrate on pulling these vibrations into your head.

• Loud sounds of wind or static will bat at your senses, but will go away soon.

• Everything will get very quiet and still and you will not be conscious of your physical body or surroundings.

• Use your visualization skills to leave your body. Imagine floating up and out and then right yourself.

• A still quietness may overcome you as you sense your lighter self being rushed down a tunnel of darkness-which is the entryway into another dimension.

• Even though it may be very dark, you will feel very peaceful.

• Eventually, you should see a glimmer of golden light at the end of the tunnel.

• The light will get brighter but will not hurt your eyes.

• Someone may be there waiting for you, and whoever it is, be it a deceased loved one or a deity, you will feel very welcomed.

• A world of great beauty will appear with colours unimaginable. Meadows of new grass will enfold before you, birds singing, beautiful music playing in the background.

• Your thoughts and feelings will guide your experience.

• When your visit is over, your astral body will get you home to your physical body, in a flash.

• All you have to do is think of your physical body…and you are there. You are back.

Astral projection can be a wonderful therapy for people who are grieving whether or not the experience is real or produced by the subconscious mind.

It’s not easy to astral project, but it gets easier with repeated attempts.

Brainwave entrainment makes it easier to experience this altered state. Entrainment lets you “take the trip” when you’d like to take the trip, when you want to go, or when you need to go.


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