What It Feels Like To Do A Past Life Regression Using Brainwave Entrainment

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A past life regression involves altering your brainwaves so that you can access a part of your mind that stores memories from your soul. These memories may be just of this life, the one you are living now, or it might contain memories of all the lives your soul has experienced.

Brainwave entrainment is a powerful tool that alters your brainwave frequency with the intention of changing your state of consciousness. Entrainment very easily, can guide you to the frequency required to do a past life regression.post-traumatic stress brainwave entrainment

It will help you bypass your critical conscious mind and help you enter your subconscious mind, the gateway to all of your memories.

As your brainwave frequency slows down, the doors will open and you will experience “a remembering.”

What A Regression Feels Like

• First off, it varies from person to person but is usually quite relaxing.

• All sessions begin in a state of feeling weightless, but still connected to yourself.

• It may feel like a daydream or at other times, may feel like you are really there, in another lifetime while still being aware of being in the physical now. Sometimes it’s a combination of both.

• You are neither fully awake nor fast asleep, but drifting in between the two states.

• Sometimes you’ll feel like what you are experiencing is just your imagination, and at other times, you have no doubt that everything is real.

• A past life regression can include any combination of memory, imagination, and psychic experience.

• It can feel like being in two worlds at once.

• You will have conscious awareness of sitting in a chair, listening to your brainwave entrainment recording, while the subconscious mind is focusing on the impressions of your past life or lives.

• You’ll being by seeing, sensing, or feeling yourself standing somewhere unfamiliar, in a different environment, time, and place.

• Some memories will be clear, vivid, and detailed. A memory can be very realistic involving two or more of your senses… usually more.

• Some memories will be vague, like ones from your imagination.

• You may have just fragments of memories, like stills, that you may have to put together to convey a meaning.

• The subconscious will only allow you access to what is needed at the time of your sitting.

Things That May Happen

• You may experience your death from a past lifetime, and no matter what the circumstances surrounding it might have been, the moment the soul leaves the body, you feel an incredible sensation of being free and limitless, expanding like air into the universe.

• It you are fortunate, you will be able to experience the life in between your past lives which can give you reassurance about the afterlife.

• All worries and pain and the ego personality are gone.

• You may have an out-of-body experience, a sensation of floating above your body. If this frightens you, all you have to do is think of your body and you’ll automatically return to it.

• Your heart rate may increase and your eyes may move like you are in REM.

• You may come upon an image or situation that is too painful to endure. Just open your eyes, and it will be gone.

• But if you chose to go on, tell yourself you will only see it, not relive it, and that you are safe from the grief and terror of it, detaching yourself, like you’re watching a movie.

Whether during a regression you feel that the feelings and images you have seen are genuine memories of a past life or not, they can provide insights into your fears, attitudes and worries.

If they are real, they could explain the emotional scars that your soul carries from lifetime to lifetime.

And if it isn’t real, the “memory” is still a symbolic message from your subconscious.

With this deeper knowledge of yourself, you will be able to release a lot of your problems and worries, and begin to heal on a subconscious and conscious level.

Doing a past life regression with brainwave entrainment may be one of the most powerful therapies you’ve ever done.


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