Why Creative Visualization Using Brainwave Entrainment Works

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Creative visualization is a mental technique that is enhanced when used in conjunction with brainwave entrainment, a tool that alters your brainwave frequency to match or mimic the stimulus, with the intention of producing a certain event.

If used in the right way, creative visualization can improve your life and attract success and prosperity.

It is a power that can alter your circumstances for the better.visualization brainwave entrainment

You visualize constantly in your normal life. You make images in your head and live life accordingly. You visualize what you’re going to have for lunch, what you are going to wear etc.

Visualizing with concentration, faith and desire, in the right brainwave frequency to access the subconscious mind, through brainwave entrainment, begins the act of creation.

Why Creative Visualization Works


  • You are inseparable from the universal mind, the collective unconscious. You project your thoughts out into this power and it acts on your behalf, co-creating with you.
  • Everything in the universe is connected. Each thought, action and event are connected and influence each other. Each thought and action causes reactions.
  • Everything in the universe is energy. Each object has a different wavelength and density. Each wave of energy influences other waves.
  • Thoughts are magnets, attracting like thoughts. The thought attracts circumstances that match this thought.
  • Thoughts radiate from the mind and are transmitted to other minds. Who is receptive to this kind of thought will act on it.
  • Repeating the same thoughts over and over again, using brainwave entrainment to access the subconscious mind, will cause the subconscious mind to act on them. Thoughts then become action.
  • Each thought you have makes a certain emotion. If the emotion is strong enough, it incites the thought to action. Strong thoughts are energized by emotion causing an energetic and definite action. Weak emotion around a thought doesn’t energize anything.
  • Similar thoughts bring people together.
  • Thoughts travel from one mind to another if strong enough and are picked up unconsciously.
  • Only thoughts that are concentrated, in the right brainwave frequency, and are well-defined will manifest.
  • Changes in your thoughts and mental images, changes your reality.


Some Extra Tips To Ensure Success


  • Begin at the end result in the present moment.
  • Use all of your senses.
  • Don’t visualize for more than 5 minutes for each request because your mind will wander and make a hodge podge of everything.
  • Once a day is enough.
  • Don’t focus on the process.
  • Leave it up to the universal mind.
  • Take inspired action afterwards, after your visualization. Be calm and deliberate in action and listen to your intuition. Follow your natural instincts.


The more you visualize, the more your subconscious mind will believe it is real.

What you think, the subconscious will prove by using all resources to make your conscious demands a reality.

The easiest way to get the subconscious mind’s attention is to entrain to the right frequency using brainwave entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment will keep you focused, and will maintain a consistent frequency so that your creative visualizations will have incredible power.


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