Contact Your Spirit Guide With Brainwave Entrainment

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Have you contacted your spirit guides lately? Are they even around anymore? Can you hear what they’re telling you?

Brainwave entrainment, a powerful audio and/or visual technology that changes brainwave frequency will help you contact your spirit guides by raising your vibration, maintaining that vibration, and opening the doorway to the astral realm.

You’ve got to be able to meet them half way if you wish to communicate with them on a conscious level.  Once you have made a connection with your spirit guide, you can tune into that vibration at any time in your life, for guidance.

A spirit guide is your connection to our source, our collective consciousness.

Each one of us has two types of guides that watch over us and help guide us.

  1. The first kind of spirit guide has lived on the earth plane before and may even be a distant relative that you didn’t know while they were alive.  You might not have been born yet when they lived their life here.  They protect and watch over you…protect you from danger.  They have their own area of expertise that resonates with yours.
  2. The second kind of spirit guide is sent to you from the greater intelligence of the universe or comes from your wisest part of your subconscious–which is the doorway to the collective unconscious or God.  This guide is in tune with all of our inner conflicts and understands what we need to experience.  Sometimes, when necessary, this guide will manifest as an animal, bird, or maybe a stranger to communicate something of value to you.  When you get a gut feeling about something or an impulse, you are probably picking up a message from this guide.  He will guide you on a logical and emoitonal level.

They are around you at all times.

A spirit guide’s job is to protect you from negative energy and to help you when you need help.  He is intuned to your inner self and all of your conflicts.  He understands how you feel and how things affect you, and tries to guide you in the most positive way.

Brainwave entrainment will alter your state of consciousness and tap into the deeper level of your subconsciousness, which is thought to be on the threshold of the collective consciousness.  Your conscious mind drowns out the subtle and important advice your guide may have for you so it is imperative to change your brain state.  It is from here that you can communicate with your spirit guide.

The most important part of the equation is in the quietening of your mind and the raising of your vibration.

Entrainment allows you to leave your conscious mind and be in your subconscious mind–while still being conscious–as strange as that sounds. Your body will be asleep and your awareness will go within.

He may appear then, in your mind’s eye.  This is the time and place to ask questions.

His answers may not come in words but rather in impressions as is the language of the subconscious.

Using specialized recordings works faster than if you try on your own because the stimulus to your brain provides a steady, consistant signal–imagine how difficult it would be to communicate if your phone kept losing it’s signal.

You are not alone.  Your spirit guides are there and brainwave entrainment will help you to hear their advice. 

Most importantly, you’ll know that your spirit guides will hear you.



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