The Connection Between Gamma Brainwaves, Aha Moments, and Brainwave Entrainment

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Some say it lives in the heart but is managed from the brain when it is in the gamma brainwave frequency.

Access to this brainwave is complicated because it integrates itself in with the rest of the brainwave frequencies in spikes.

Brainwave entrainment can change the electro-chemistry of the brain to sustain a steady gamma frequency, enabling a fertile ground for “aha” moments.

It’s something that happens to you when you understand the language of the unconscious.

It’s called the “spark of God” or an “aha moment”. This is a moment of clarity–a defining moment when you are connected to your source, reaping real wisdom that changes your life. It lasts in spikes of 200 – 300 milliseconds and leaves you feeling enlightenment for long periods of time thereafter, if not forever.

It will change you.

We all capable of accessing the “spark of God” under the right circumstances.

The gamma brainwave frequency behaves collectively in such a way that neural networks throughout the brain are stimulated together into a coherent whole. This brings about the integration of multiple sensory paths into a single, unified model of consciousness.

Religious experiences and deep insights come from this total brain synchronization.

Gamma waves are very fast, high-frequency brainwaves (38 – 70 hertz), associated with higher levels of mental activity, insight, precognition, intuition, consciousness, and epiphanies—“aha moments”.

Because the whole brainwave circuitry is vibrating together, the insights and images are holographic in manner and allows for extraordinary states of consciousness.

Freud called this the “primary process”, where, the logic of dreams, the language of art, of myth, where anything goes and the impossible is possible live.

Brainwave entrainment, a powerful audio technology that stimulates the brain to mimic or follow an audio stimulus that is pre-designed, can help a person shift into a higher state of conscious. A specially crafted recording in gamma wave will make new neural pathways, complete with blood vessels and structures, will


  • elevate sensory activity magnifying the five senses–better vision, hearing, tasting etc.
  • evoke compassion where little was seen before.
  • bring about bursts of “aha moments”–deep insights that change who you are. (As an aside, aha moments stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain).
  • allow for empathy–the ability to feel what someone else is feeling.
  • link all your brainwaves together so the whole brain is involved and is a complete experience.
  • let you come from a place of “knowing”.
  • give you a great memory.
  • foster a higher level of intelligence.
  • produce a natural happiness.
  • give you higher amounts of self-control.
  • help you vividly recall past memories (maybe even past life memories).
  • boost perceptions.
  • let you process large amounts of information quickly.
  • naturally release extra serotonin, a feel good hormone.
  • increase your I.Q.
  • enable you to see the “whole” picture.
  • remove depression.
  • release dopamine, a natural opiate.


We all have the “spark of God” in us and sometimes, no always, is very euphoric to experience.

Would you like to have an “aha moment” today?

Do you want to strengthen your brain and experience peak performance in all areas of your life?

Take advantage of the technology used by leading minds in the medical, scientific, business, and space field on a daily basis.


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