Clear Your Blockages and Manifest Your Desire Using Brainwave Entrainment

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The only thing that’s stopping you from manifesting your desire is-you.

You have blockages, bad programming from when you were a kid, and beliefs stored deep within your subconscious mind, that trips you up and stops you from living the life you want to live.

We all have blockages that usually come from negative interpretations of experiences we’ve had and that the subconscious has carefully recorded and stored, making them into a bad belief system.

The subconscious mind is the driving force behind the manifestation process.

If you can tap into the subconscious mind, remove those old blocks and replace the old programming with new, positive ideas, you can have anything you want.

Brainwave entrainment is a proven scientific tool that induces the brain to change its brainwave frequency by using repeated, rhythmic sound and/or light pulses. You can clear blockages, set up a new belief system, and manifest your desires easily by changing your brainwave frequency to the frequency required to access your subconscious using brainwave entrainment.

If you can tap into the subconscious mind, remove those old blocks and replace the programming with new, positive ideas, you can have anything you want.

This Is How

• Before listening to a session, write down all of the negative thoughts you might have surrounding what it is you want to manifest. You’ll be surprised how many you have once you get started.

• Next, write down all the positive thoughts surrounding your desire.

• Consciously focus on the idea that you are going to let negative thoughts go and replace them with the positive thoughts.

• Now you are ready to begin.

• Find a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. Dim the lights. Sit on a chair, the bed or the floor-just make sure to keep your back straight. It helps keep you awake.

• Turn on a specialized brainwave entrainment recording for clearing blocks and wear headphones for either isochronic tones or binaural beats. It’ll give you a deeper effect.

• Shut your eyes, focus on the sound pulses, and breathe.

• Relax your body, and try to empty your mind. Thoughts will rush at you but as your mind begins to alter its consciousness, fewer thoughts will appear. Don’t engage any of the thoughts. Just let them pass.

• About 10 minutes in, you should feel very relaxed physically, and dreamy. You are knocking on the door between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

• This is where you tell the subconscious what it is you desire and, if it believes you, will send a message to the collective unconscious that will manifest it into the physical.

• Now it is time to change your programming and remove your blockages.

• Picture what it is that you want to manifest. It could be an object, a state of being, a new job, a relationship, an emotion…whatever you wish.

• Visualize this desire. Imagine whatever it is that you are wanting and use your all of your senses. See it, feel it and focus completely on it.

• Now imagine that you have already accomplished your goal. What does it feel like knowing that you’ve received your desire?

• See yourself living that manifestation.

• Keep focusing on the good feelings that come from manifesting your desire.

• If any old blocks appear, change old thoughts for the new thoughts that you established before the session. Don’t use negative energy. Use positive thinking and remember, in the collective unconsciousness, there is no time, so if you say “I am rich” you are telling the truth. Past, present, and future are all wrapped up in one and present as now.

• Linger on the new positive thoughts surrounding the manifestation of your desire until the brainwave entrainment recording is over

• Watch for signs and synchronocities in your waking life. They are the predictors that are showing you that your desire is beginning to manifest.

• Act on any inspiration that appears. This is called inspired action. It comes from the dimension the subconscious sent your order to.

• The more you notice these signs, the faster your desire will manifest in the physical.

Ultimately, it is up to you to change any thoughts or old programming you have that will stop you from manifesting your desires.

Brainwave entrainment makes it easier and faster by inducing the brainwave frequency necessary to tap into your subconscious mind.

Clear your blockages and start manifesting everything you want.



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