What Can Brainwave Entrainment Help You With?

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Brainwave entrainment is a cutting edge, self-developmental tool that puts you in the driver seat letting you determine readyyour own quality of life.

Sound entrainment (the safest process because it doesn’t trigger light induced seizures) can alter your dominant brainwave frequency, and change your state of consciousness.

Changing your state of consciousness, changes which chemicals and hormones are released from your brain.

Change those chemicals and hormones and you change your experience.

Each chemical and hormone can determine your experience, out here, in the physical world and brainwave entrainment is the key.

Brainwave Entrainment Helps With…

· WORRYING TOO MUCH-if your brain is stuck on worry, entrainment can release its hold.

· SUFFERING FROM FEAR AND ANXIETY-if you are constantly in a state of fear, which then produces anxiety, this process can stop the brain chemicals that it releases, and calm you down. Entrainment is especially good at stopping panic attacks. With repeated sessions, your brain will make new neural pathways in your brain that release serotonin, and shrink the old, fearful neural networks.

· OVER-THINKING EVERYTHING-if you constantly over-analyse everything, and never reach any soluble solution, this process can stop the cycle and clear your mind.

· DEPRESSION-if you are depressed, your brain is imbalanced. Entrainment synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain and brings it into balance, eliminating the depression.

· HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE-this process with put your mind and body into a state of calm, releasing positive chemicals that assist in the lowering of blood pressure.

· SLEEPING-if you have trouble sleeping, it may be because you are stuck on a higher, more active brainwave frequency. This process lowers your brainwaves (very easily because of the physics principle of frequency following response), and lulls you into a deep sleep.

· ANGER-if you notice that your road rage, in particular, is getting out of hand, you may be having trouble with anger. Brainwave entrainment lowers the production of chemicals that are egging you on.

· PAIN-if you experience pain, especially chronic pain, entrainment can facilitate a rewiring in the brain, that can alter how you perceive that pain.

· ADDICTION-if you are having trouble with withdrawal from any type of addiction, be it a drug or a mental addiction, this process is clinically proven to be very effective. Besides lessening the hold of withdrawal symptoms, entrainment can stop future cravings.

Brainwave entrainment can help you with an infinite amount of concerns. There really is no limit or ceiling to what entrainment can do for you, to enhance your quality of life.




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