Brainwave Entrainment: Solar Plexus Chakra—Part 2—You Are Worthy and You Matter

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The solar plexus chakra is located in your solar plexus, halfway between your navel and ribcage and is the domain of your inner adult.  It is the center of your intellect and personal power, giving you the ability to stay true to your course in life.

This chakra is about integrity, courage, wisdom, and choice.

The ability to pull out the relevant facts and decide what is best for your well-being, your physicality and your mind.

A well-balanced third chakra results in high self-esteem and the ability to accept responsibility for yourself, while assuming personal authority over your life.

The digestive, immune and nervous systems vibrate with YELLOW frequencies facilitating these systems to make correct decisions about what is useful and what is dangerous.

A blocked or un-balanced solar plexus chakra may present as mental and emotional issues like low self-esteem, fear of rejection, oversensitivity to criticism, self-image fears, and indecisiveness.

Causes of a Blocked Solar Plexus

  • Taught from early childhood to repress emotions and feelings.  (My mother would never allow me to show anger hence, repressed anger).
  • Because of this repression, you are on auto-pilot and this can cause severe emotional problems like doubt and mistrust which will eventually destroy your vitality.


Blocked Solar Plexus

  • Caused by any excesses or restrictions of emotions, opinions, lifestyle, and food habits.
  • May lead to ailments such as fatigue, digestion problems, low self-esteem, low confidence, anger, anxiety, stress, stomach ulcers, sleep disorders, obsessions, addictions, compulsive behaviour, depression, catatonic schizophrenia, adrenal abnormalities, anorexia, multiple sclerosis, premature aging, arthritis, bulimia, muscle cramps, digestive difficulties, gas, food allergies, irritable colon, gallbladder problems, excessive weight around your middle, loss of appetite. liver problems, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue,arthritis, anorexia or bulimia, hepatitis, diabetes, gall stones, difficulty breathing,  and many more psycho-physical ailments.
  • Pain may be experienced in the solar plexus area due to a malfunction of the neural network at the celiac plexus.
  • Cancer or stomach injury may trigger this pain.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestine.
  • Disorders of bones, teeth.
  • Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks.
  • Frequent illness.
  • Spiritually, you fail to live your own truth.

Excessive Energy In Solar Plexus

  • Causes  you to be judgmental, workaholic, a perfectionist, overly intellectual, and emotionally cold…can’t show emotional warmth.
  • Narrow-minded, relentless, and unyielding.
  • Extremely overcompensating .
  • Intimidating, overbearing and insensitive.
  • Emotional chameleon.
  • Can’t slow down and relax
  • Overpowering.
  • Rigid boundaries.
  • Addiction to security.
  • Lots of fire energy.
  • Projecting superiority.
  • Viciously competitive.
  • May need drugs to relax.
  • Intense.
  • Forceful.
  • Intrusive.
  • Hard ball.
  • Hyped up.
  • Ambitious.
  • Fear intimacy.
  • Sluggish, lazy, tired.
  • Obesity and overeating.
  • Lack of tolerance.
  • Hoarding, material greed.
  • Burnt out, exhausted.
  • Rebellious.
  • Threatening.
  • Dictator.
  • Quarrelsome.
  • Goal-oriented.
  • Power-loving.
  • Disconnected.

Deficient Energy In Solar Plexus

  • Causes you to be depressed, lack confidence, worry about what others think, confused, have poor digestion, be afraid of being alone, jealous, and mistrustful.
  • Codependency, pleasing others.
  • Fear of rejection, disapproval, or abandonment.
  • Addiction, and suppressed anger.
  • Feeling inner void.
  • Shrinking courage.
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Weak inner strength.
  • Fragile determination.
  • Negative self-image.
  • Disconnected from gut.
  • Chronic disorganization.
  • Poor focus and discipline.
  • Disconnection from body.
  • Need constant reassurance.
  • Phobic.
  • Confused.
  • Restless.
  • Distrustful.
  • Insecure.
  • Lonely.
  • Can’t settle.
  • Energy vampire.
  • Weak intentions.
  • Poor bourndaries.
  • Financial difficulty.
  • Underweight.
  • Sexually insecure.

Emotional Signs of a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Negative emotions like anger, frustration, low feelings of self-worth.
  • Susceptible to abusive relationships because you give your power away.
  • You may have severe anger issues, hold onto grudges, bully and are violent towards others.
  • Dominating.
  • Controlling.
  • Competitive.
  • Arrogant.
  • Blaming.
  • Use stimulants to boost motivation and drive

Psychological Imbalances of a Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Sleep problems.
  • Obsessive behaviour.
  • Compulsive behaviour.
  • Addictive personality.
  • Excessive anger or fear.
  • Cataonic schizophrenia.
  • Manic-depressive, bi-polar  behaviour.

Signs of a Balanced Solar Plexus

  • Strong will power.
  • Healthy weight.
  • Well nourished.
  • Feeling secure.
  • Flexibility.
  • Feeling at ease.
  • Successful in leadership role…not a follower.
  • Strong self-control.
  • Have goals.
  • Sees things through to the end.
  • Enormous inner strength.
  • Focus on the good of all.
  • Endeavors are geared towards the pursuit of a higher purpose.
  • Don’t fight for the sake of fighting.
  • Knows how to choose their battles.

The lion is the symbolic animal that represents the solar plexus.  A balanced and open solar plexus allows you to choose your battles, like the lion, reflecting the healthy warrior archetype.

“Warriors are not what you think of as warriors.  The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life.  The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others.

His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenceless, those who can not provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.”

–Sitting Bull


DOWNLOAD “The Solar Plexus Chakra” and begin your cleanse.


  • Find a quiet, comfortable room where you will not be disturbed.
  • Sit in a chair, back straight.  Put on a pair of headphones, and start the brainwave entrainment recording.
  • Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply through your nose.  Feel yourself relaxing.
  • After a few minutes, bring your energy up through the root chakra, then the sacral chakra, and then focus on the solar plexus chakra.
  • Breathe into your digestive organs.
  • Feel the energy grow with each breath.
  • You’ll start feeling a heat.
  • Visualize a ball of firey yellow energy.
  • Visualize it getting stronger and brighter and warmer.
  • Feel your consciousness as a ball of energy coming down your spine into the solar plexus area joining the yellow energy.
  • You may feel spontaneous bursts of energy running up and down your spine or through your body.
  • Soon after, you should experience some vivid images.
  • Soon the pictures of why you feel damaged will surface.  This could be very emotional.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t start weeping at this point.  It’s all good.  You need to do this to clear the area.
  • ·         At the end of the brainwave entrainment session, release the ball of energy into the collective unconscious.
  • Drink a large glass of water to clear away emotional debrie.


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