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Brainwave entrainment is a shortcut to your subconscious mind—your reality-maker—the part of you that never sleeps, always has your back, and never forgives…maybe.

How life is playing out for you, is all determined by the subconscious mind—your inner child.

This powerful consciousness can make you feel like the king of the world and a bag of nachos, or a lonely slug, with dampness issues, living under a cold, dark rock.

Who you are, how you act and feel, how healthy, how abundant or successful, how liked, how inspired you become…all come from this place.

The subconscious rules.  You are ruled by your subconscious inner child.

Your  subconscious mind made a plan for you, a blueprint if you will,  for “how” you should react or behave in situations, and with people and events in your life, totally based on how you emotionally felt and perceived—during your early, early childhood.

Unfortunately, the mind of a six year old won’t get you very far in your adult life.  In fact, it generally derails your ability to have the abundant and happy life you deserve.

Why, because nobody had a perfect childhood.  Everyone’s subconscious has been imprinted with hurts, fears, and disappointments—of a child.

Are you stuck with the strategic life plan of a runny nosed, incontinent, moody toddler forever?

No, not unless you want to be stuck with it and don’t take any measures to clear all that damaging baggage.

There is a secret about the subconscious mind.

The secret is all about frequency.

Brainwave entrainment can influence and direct frequency and it does so easily and steadily.

Everything in our world, including our thoughts and emotions, is made up of  energy that has specific vibrational frequency.

We all vibrate. The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates and nothing rests.  Everything has a frequency—even the stars up above or the smell coming from your sneakersJ has its own frequency code.

Everything leaves a vibrational frequency fingerprint and this fingerprint  attracts  other fingerprints just like it, which explains how things manifest into the physical whether it be an emotion like anger or something substantial like a new car. Vibrations of the same frequency resonate with each other and attracts like frequencies.

Our brains operate in different frequencies called brainwaves and each of these brainwave frequencies produce a different state of mind or level of consciousness.

For instance, very slow brainwave frequencies, called Delta waves, will put you to sleep and the slower, the deeper.  Our everyday, going to work brainwave frequency is called Beta.  We daydream in Alpha wave.  We contact other dimensions or clear away blockages in Theta.  Very fast brainwave frequencies, called Gamma waves have the opposite effect of Delta, increasing focus, optimizing the brains ability to learn and retain (and is sublime for ADHD).

Our thoughts and emotions have their own specific frequencies or code and the subconscious stores them as thought forms  (the bulk coming from our childhood, as I said before) to be referred to and put into action, when we come across similar situations.

That’s all fine and good until somebody gets hurt…which means you.

When it’s not all fine and good,  those thought forms mess you up and draw to you the very things you don’t want, by Law of Attraction.

These are called blockages, errors, and limited beliefs and these fears  layer themselves in your subconscious, like mountain sediment  and are considered the only truth, your truth,  by your inner child.

And on top of that, what you think about and how you think about it, matters, and guess what?

Your thoughts determine your quality of life.

If the subconscious sends out a message to you that you are unworthy, and you start thinking thoughts of being unworthy, anything with that matching frequency will be attracted to you.  Before you know it, you’ll have all kinds of evidence proving that you were right, that you are unworthy.  On the other hand, if the subconscious sends you the message that you are super awesome, and you start thinking thoughts of awesomeness, the Universe will match that frequency and you’ll be surrounded by all that is awesome.

You’ve got to change your thoughts and impress the subconscious that you are serious about these changes but doing so won’t work unless you can talk to the subconscious directly.

The trick is to access the subconscious at its home, where it will entertain your new thoughts,  and change that childish blueprint.  Just consciously deciding to change your thoughts won’t do it.  New thoughts are hard to believe at first because the subconscious is holding onto your old thoughts.  You have to convince the subconscious to make your new thoughts your default.

Brainwave entrainment knows where the subconscious lives and takes you to its front door.

Entrainment is a scientifically-proven audio tool that introduces specifically designed programs,  to your brain,  that access your subconscious mind, cleaning and erasing limited thoughts and emotional errors.  As your brain entrains, you engrain new neural pathways in your gray matter, re-writing your blueprint template, ultimately changing how you react to the experiences in your life.

You can change the programming in your subconscious mind, and change your life.

You don’t have to be a puppet and have your life manipulated by a faulty emotional program constructed long ago.

The very act of brainwave entrainment influences your dominant brainwave frequency,  altering it to mimic a meditative frequency that opens you up to a line of communication with the subconscious, erasing and cleaning thought forms that are misaligned with your authentic self.

Your authentic self is perfect.  You started out perfect.  Your thoughts are the only error.

Brainwave entrainment is a shortcut method that allows you to access your powerful subconscious mind and change your programming.

It all starts in the subconscious.  It’s all about the subconscious.

If you can communicate with the subconscious and plant of new plan, with the desires and wishes you have now, you can really have the life you wish to have.  You don’t have to be  a victim to that frightened six-year-old that still hides under a bed, deep in your mind.  Remember, he or she, holds the keys to your life and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Your subconscious is with you forever.

It is you.

Brainwave entrainment lets you control how your life plays out.  Entrainment cleans out limited thought forms and clears the way for you to receive Divine Inspiration.

All the answers are in the subconscious.

All things manifest from the subconscious mind.

All things are possible from the subconscious mind.

Addiction, ill-health, depression or abundance, prosperity, success, and great well-being, all come from this place.

Brainwave entrainment can tackle addiction, diminish anger,  contact your higher self, clear your chakras, ease childbearing, clear limited thoughts, calm you down, lift depression, make you feel happy, energize you, help you sleep, stop food cravings, help you forgive, raise the Kundalini, make you smarter, lower your blood pressure, manifest desires, help you meditate, open your abundance channel, channel communication from the other side, awaken your psychic abilities, increase sexual desire, help you lose weight, and the list goes on and on.

Brainwave entrainment is a shortcut method that allows you to access your powerful subconscious mind and change your programming.

Why wait 20 years to perfect your meditative practice when you can reap all of its benefits now.


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