Brainwave Entrainment Meditation—Preparing For The Shift

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October, 19, 2012 

Hello everyone,  Are You Awake?


This has been a very busy summer, and now that fall is upon us…nothing’s changed.  It’s just as busy if not more.

Have you noticed that time seems to be going faster than it used to?  Doesn’t it seem that the day isn’t 24 hours anymore, but more like 18 hours?

Well, there might be a reason for this.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been talking about “The Shift.”  I’ve published a few articles on Ezine Articles, just to get started. 

You’ve heard of December 21, 2012 and the possibility that life as we know it could end that day, I imagine?  If you check the counter on Waverider’s home page, you’ll see how many days we have supposedly have left.

If you don’t know what “The Shift and how you prepare yourself using Brainwave Entrainment Meditation,”brainwave entrainment meditation awakening check out my article on the Waverider’s web page. 

Do I think the world is about to end?

No…but it is the end of a world age, and is both Earth and each of us individually, is changing and December 21, 2012 just marks this awareness.

For many people, 7% I read on CNN last night, December 21, 2012 evokes tremendous fear of an external, earth-shattering cataclysm or rapture.

In reality, this date just marks a launching point where as many people as possible align internally, merging all levels of their being, to help consciously generate and incarnate the New Earth.

Some people may not even notice this transformation, but a change in energy at the spiritual level will take place and those who prepare themselves, will have no trouble recognizing how they, and the Earth, is changing.

This date in December just lets you know that the transformation process is underway, motivating you to begin the process of awakening.

“The Shift” is about raising your consciousness.

However, don’t expect to “see” anything on that date in the guy next to you.  The mentality of humankind is not going to change overnight or all in one day.

“The Shift” won’t be instantaneous…it can’t be.  We can’t get there that fast.

We have a lot of work to do, clearing our subconscious blocks, so we can raise our dimensional level, and live in this three dimensional reality from a fourth dimensional state of consciousness.

I bet you have lots of questions about what “awakening” means to you and the planet, and about how to raise your consciousness or vibrational level.

And just exactly, what is fourth dimensional consciousness?

That’s why, over the next while, as we quickly approach Dec. 21, 2012, I will try to answer some of the questions that seem to be out there.

If you have any questions that you would like answered that I haven’t addressed,  drop me a line on the contact link, and I’ll add it to the next newsletter.

I hope your awakening is brilliant.

WP, Waverider


What Does It Mean To Be Awake?

  • To awaken spiritually is expanding your consciousness, which is a natural by-product of your life experience.  (Spiritual:  the experience of finding your inner self and the exploration, in the now, of how you are inside, in the world, and in the other dimensions of existence.)
  • Normal consciousness, three-dimensional consciousness, means that you are in a dream state and are asleep to any higher dimensional contact.
  • This is not something the ego likes.  It is of no benefit to it.  It is, essentially, the death of the ego.  Authentic awakening will kill and bury your ego.
  • To some degree, everyone is awake  Everyone has an awareness of their own spirit—because they have consciousness…otherwise they would be a rock (and who knows, maybe a rock knows it is a rock.)
  • Not everyone wishes to know anything about their connection to the Divine.  Some don’t care about how aware they or not.  Some don’t care about whether we live on after we die or that we have guides and guardians that care for us.
  • Being “awake” is even spoken of in the bible.  The New Testament speaks of the importance of being awake and of not falling back asleep.
  • The word “Buddha” comes from the Sanskrit word Budh meaning “to be awake.”  Buddha is a state of consciousness, as is Christ in Christ Consciousness.
  • “A Course In Miracles” claims that we are all dreaming, that the life we are living is part of a dream of the Creator.
  • Awake means that we awaken from identification with our thoughts.  Echart Tolle writes quite extensively on this subject and is a great mentor.
  • You are sleep or unawakened if you totally identify with, and are run by your mind—and the constant mind chatter.  You don’t use thought, thought uses you.  You are thinking trhough filters that distort what is real.  You label, judge, react, and have opinions and are what you tell yourself you are.  This state is not real so any joy is short lived.
  • You awaken to a sense of reality.
  • Your perception of reality…changes.
  • You stop buying into the world’s fears and illusions.

Watch your thoughts.  Still your thoughts.  Master your emotions.  Focus on your Awakening.  Empower yourself, cultivate love and heart chakra qualities.


What Does Awakening Do For You?

  • Awakening inspires great changes, transforming people during their journey toward communion with the creator.
  • It brings about an altered state of perception.
  • Spiritual awakening challenges the ego to let go of primal drives and subconscious blocks, making you more aware and living in the “now.”
  • The process of awakening is used in spirituality or metaphysics, and means that you wake up to who you are in pure consciousness, and how it relates to who you are in this incarnation.
  • It is an individual process of healing and letting go of illusion and fear, that is manufactured by the ego , all the while finding the expression of love and growth in heart consciousness.
  • You examine your consciousness and how you relate it to your body, mind, emotions, and, after you figure that out, you take this knowledge and apply it to your everyday life to create Heaven on Earth for yourself and others.
  • At the highest level of awakening, you merge your consciousness with that of the Divine.  This level is Christ Consciousness and you become Christ-like and live and act from this consciousness.
  • The awakening process never ends because the source of life is eternal.  You are part of the source of life.  Your consciousness is eternal.
  • Incarnating into a physical Earth body is a choice that you make when you are in the higher dimensions, between lives.  There you are in the spirit form of your consciousness.
  • Transformation of consciousness is a process of healing the mind of illusions, and healing fear to love, to find your pure consciousness.

How Do You Raise Your Vibration?


  • You raise your vibration by raising your awareness.

How Do You Raise Your Awareness?

  • You raise your awareness by altering your state of consciousness so that you can access a higher vibration, a fourth dimensional consciousness.
  • Raising awareness involves clearing any blocks you have that will hinder the raising of your vibration.
  • You have no way of knowing what memories are playing in your subconscious and you do not need to know.
  • All you need to know is that you need to cleanse your subconscious script, constantly.  Illness, disease, and discomfort are all physical signs of blockage that needs to be dissolved.
  • When you finally merge your self with the Divine Self, knowing completely who you truly are, you will need to cleanse.
  • The peace you feel when you first begin to cleans needs to be sustained by constant cleansing.  If doubt or worry starts creeping in about how long it is taking for your “expectations” to arrive, you just need to cleanse those thoughts.

Anytime you are not in a state of peace and joy, you know you are experiencing a memory and you just need to keep cleansing until it’s negativity is dissolved.


Next newsletter:

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…and much more.


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