Brainwave Entrainment Meditation–Preparing For The Shift Part 3

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November 11, 2012

  • Good day everyone! 

Thoughts and prayers for all veterans, from all countries this weekend, and always.

I bet my neighbours to the south had a busy week what with your Presidental election and all.  Congratulations to President Obama.

And poor New York and area.  Adding insult to injury with, you’ve had to put up with the Nor’easter.  Tons of snow, power outage.

It’s been a tough fall (technically it’s still fall).  Here too in Alberta.  We’ve just been dumped on big-time and new snow on the minute makes road recovery very slim.  It takes a special kind of nerves to navigate ice and snow covered roads.

Nerves of steel.

It feels like old Mother Nature decided to give us a good slap upside the head this season.

But up and over, we must go I guess.

Here are a few more answers to some of the questions you may have about “The Shift.”  Keep those questions coming in and I’ll do my best to try to answer them.

What Type Of Energy Brings About Your Awakening?

  • The rise of the Kundalini is a force that awakens higher consciousness. 
  • As this spirit rises, you will begin to realize that the Divine is part of you and vice versa, and it is always there with you.  This knowing will bring about strong feels of well-being.  Fear is reduced.
  • The world starts looking incredibly beautiful and wonderous.
  • Your senses are accelerated.  Things are brighter, more colourful, smell better, feel better, taste better, and sound better–awesome.

What Are The Emotional Symptoms of Awakening?
  • You may experience waves of emotion from sadness to rage, happiness to bliss.
  • You’ll feel an incredible need to live your life purpose–and find out what it is if you don’t know yet.  This could mean clearing relationships, jobs, etc.
  • You may meet someone now that feels just right for you…on the same path or vibration as you.
  • Negative feelings like anger, rage, irritation with others may manifest…because something deep inside of you is being jostled and needs to be resolved…your blockages are surfacing and people and events are your mirror.
  • Positive feelings like love, joy, and happiness may manifest.  As you open your heart and mind to loving energy, these feelings begin to flow.  You may be moved by the humanity of others.  When I see displays of humanity, it always makes me cry.  I could even be a cheesy commericial.  I feel very moved, feeling a deep sense of unity and connection.
  • Feeling confused, out of control.  This is where brainwave entrainment meditation can really help.
Are There Not-So-Nice Symptoms of Awakening?

  • An awakening can produce unpleasant symptoms like fear and disorientation–I’m afraid these are common.
  • Depression, guilt, and anxiety are common.
  • And most of the time, these emotions are very temporary, especially if you keep pursuing your awakening.
  • Know that at no time are you alone during those trying times.
What are the Psychological Reactions of Awakening?
  • The world starts looking beautiful and wonderful for you.
  • Your senses are accelerated.  Things are brighter, more colourful.
  • Negative emotions and traumas are released from your body.  Blockages are dissolved restoring your life energy.  Psychic healing takes place bio-plasmically–magnetic healing, faith healing, laying of hand healing, Ki healing, Pranic healing, therapeutic healing, all revitalizing the body.
  • A stillness, a tranquilness fills the body and mind.
  • Creative expression and talents surface and become strong.
  • Rarely, but it still happens, is the reoccurence of dreams that mean something.  Hearing voices, seeing auras, and other types of psychic ability begin to surface.
  • Telepathy, precognition and the ability to channel healing energy manifest.
  • All of these can be strengthened with time and practice.
  • Euphoria.
  • Out of body experiences.
Are There Any Physical Symptoms of Awakening?

  • Tingling or crawling sensations.  This is a sign that your Crown Chakra is opening.  Of course, you could have lice too…kidding.  Check it out if you’re not sure.
  • You either can’t sleep or you want to sleep all of the time.
  • Your skin reflects mental and physical changes, especially if toxins are released when your Chakras are being cleared of blockages…hives, eczema, rashes, acne, shingles, warts.  It could also be because an old allergy is being cleansed.
  • The colour of your eyes may change.  Yes really.  Mine did.  I went from dark brown to gold/green.  Whenever I doublt myself, I just look at my old school photos.  The proof is there and staring at me from the mirror.  I also have a freckle in the iris now.  Marks can appear, and the size of the iris may change, as well as the colour.
  • You may experience a change in weight and appetite.  You’ll either be more or less hungry than usual and may crave new things.  As time goes on, you’ll be drawn to more healthy, natural type foods.  My first new craving was honey.  I even keep a bottle of liquid honey in my car.
  • Hot flashes…and you’re not even a woman or in menopause.  Sweats, fevers, flashes of heat…all normal.
  • Feeling a vibration.  I’m constantly feeling a vibration on my right hip–just like the vibration a phone would make.  No, I wasn’t carrying my phone, or anything else that vibrates, at those times.  All that is happening is that your body is noticing the increased energy coursing through your body.
  • Brainwave entrainment meditation is a good way to balance out some of these symptoms.
  • Spasms and shaking.  This is from the Kundalini as it rises.
  • Involuntary jerking of the body, including spasms, shaking and contractions.
  • Unusual breathing…and you notice your breathing more, on a conscious level.
  • You may start doing hand movements and body postures that are unusual to you.  These may resemble mudras or yoga postures.
  • You may vocalize sounds with your breathing–again related to yoga.
  • Yoga states that our “true nature” goes far beyond the limits of the human mind and personality–that instead,, our human potential is infinite and transcends our individual minds and our sense of self.  The purpose of yoga is to unite ourselves with our highest nature.
What Are The Spiritual Signs of Awakening?
  • Your dreams may become more intense or vivid and you’re remembering them very easily.
  • Sometimes, you’ll even get messages.
  • You may feel very connected to everyone, animals, plants, even rocks too.
  • You’ll have moments of psychic clarity when you just “know” something.
  • You begin to notice instances of synchronicity–inspired coincidences.
  • You may have a big creativity burst and you need to express it.
Are There Any Unusual Signs of Awakening?
  •  An unusual symptom of awakening is that you seem to have an effect on electricity and anything that uses electricity.  I had one month where I fried my car’s computer, blew my PVR, blew lightbulbs left, right, and center, and messed up my lap top.
  • It’s just you.  Energy is flowing through you, changing the very substance of what you are made of.  You are becoming more like a 4th or 5th dimensional being.  You are building your lightbody.
So there’s a few more questions answered.  If you have any of these symptoms already, then you know that you are definitely beginning to awaken.
That doesn’t surprise me.
If you are interested in the subject of the Shift, you feel the vibrations, and are awakening.  Otherwise, you’d have no interest in the subject.

Next Newsletter, we’ll explore the Kundalini.  This energy can relight your sexual flame, as well as awaken you.

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