Brainwave Entrainment Inspires Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Brainwave entrainment is a neuro-technological process that entrains your dominant brainwave frequency, connecting you to Divinity, so that your intentions, or resolutions for the New Year, will be inspired.

What are your resolutions for next year?

Do they involve changing who you are or, are you wanting to eliminate a less than beneficial behaviour?

Where do these ideas come from?

Intentions come from your conscious mind, the home of your ego. This is the place where you communicate with yourself and others. It is the analytical, critical, judgmental, thinking part of your mind. The conscious mind thinks it is in control and knows what you need, but it is unaware that it is merely the “puppet” of the subconscious “puppet master” mind and only has access to a small fraction of information.

Every perception, every hurt and emotion you’ve had about the experiences of your life, especially when you were a child, are stored in the subconscious mind, and it is this entity that calls the shots on how you live your life and life lives you.

So, every conscious thought you have is coloured by an emotional blueprint that you are not even aware of.

Intentions then come from this place of limitation and misguided beliefs. What your intentions end up being, are determined by your past perceptions and experiences.

Essentially, you do have a choice about what you intend, but you don’t have total control, because you don’t know what limited beliefs are prompting and influencing you in your intention. You don’t know what is going on behind your back, so to speak.

Intentions, or resolutions, almost always fail, because they come from a place of limitation-you are not good enough.

Inspiration is guidance or influence that comes directly into your mind, from the Divine. This guidance bypasses the ego completely.

In order to receive inspiration, you must raise your vibrational frequency and clear any blockages in the way, so you can connect directly, to Divine Creation. Stimulating a higher level of vibration, move your intellect and emotions, prompting action.

This is an inspired intention.

When you are in this brainwave state or state of consciousness, you receive ideas directly from the Divine. These ideas or feelings come from a clear field. There are no limited beliefs or perceptions influencing you in this state.

Intentions from inspiration, come from who you really are, not who you think you are.

You are already who you need to be, to fulfill any dream or desire.

When you are deciding what your New Year’s Resolution will be this year, consider where your intentions are coming from.

Are they coming from a place that is clear and authentic, or from a place that worries about who you are or how people view you?

What is your deeper yearning?

An inspired intention or resolution would be something that you choose to do, not feel you need to do.

What do you really want for yourself?

Brainwave entrainment is an audio tool that stimulates your brainwaves to resonate to a specific frequency, with the intention of altering your state of consciousness. Within six minutes, your brain entrains to this sound pattern, and puts you in touch with the higher vibration of the Divine. From this quiet place, you will receive feelings, prompts, images and guidance.

If you get an idea for an intention or resolution, when you are in this state of consciousness, go with it.

The Divine knows what’s perfect for you. The ego hasn’t got a clue.

Change your blueprint. Clear limited thought patterns and revel in the power of love and gratitude so that you can receive the abundance you so rightly desire.

Take advantage of a technology, brainwave entrainment, that can easily access and maintain the frequency required to communicate with your inner child, clear those blockages, and re-write your blueprint.

Clear Subconscious Blocks And Receive Inspiration

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