Brainwave Entrainment Can Make You Feel Good

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brainwave entrainment feel goodBrainwave entrainment changes your brainwave frequency and has the ability to make you feel good, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Entrainment usually comes in the form of sound, in beats or pulses, that is specifically designed and introduced to the brain, in a rhythmic and repeated fashion, to which the brain soon entrains, or mimics, thus changing its brainwave frequency to a desired state, for a desired effect.

Digitally programmed recordings can stimulate the parts of your brain that induce feelings of pleasure, while reducing stress and anxiety. Once stress and anxiety are diminished, your immune system is stimulated, and your body responds with optimal health. When you are feeling very healthy, your mind responds with greater optimism, enabling you to handle life’s challenges with a lot more ease.

Brainwave entrainment gives you the power to easily access brainwave frequencies that may be too difficult to find and maintain, on your own naturally.

Brainwave Frequencies and How They Make You Feel Good

Alpha-a calm, meditative state that leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful.

· Serotonin, a feel-good hormone, is released in this frequency. This hormone regulates mood, sleep, appetite, sexual response, impulse control, anxiety, anger, and satiety. Serotonin reduces the production of stress hormones and fixes the damage they may have produced in the mind and body. Strong levels of serotonin can make you feel happy in a holistic manner. You sleep better, feel emotionally centered, have a sexual appetite, don’t crave as many carbohydrates, eat less, feel less stressed, and have more control over impulses. You feel good.

· Analgesics, natural opiates or pain killers, are released from this frequency, also. Being in pain can affect you emotionally and not being in pain can leave you feeling peaceful, emotionally happy, relaxed, and feeling good.

Theta-a deeply relaxed state where you think in images and are not aware of your physical body.

· Endorphins, which are natural painkillers, very similar to morphine, are released when theta stimulates certain parts of the brain. Endorphins are connected to euphoric feelings, as well as being a pain reliever, and can take away emotional pain as well as physical pain. Enough endorphins can leave you feeling good, even if you have a broken heart.

· Serotonin, is a feel-good hormone that keeps you from being depressed or experiencing a mood disorder. If you’re not depressed, you are usually feeling good.

· DHEA, dehydropepiandrosterone, is a super hormone that enhances your neural functioning. This hormone is a natural anti-depressant and immune system booster that helps sharpen your mental faculties. If you’re feeling emotionally well and physically well, and you can think quickly with more focus, you are generally feeling pretty good.

Delta-a deep sleep state where you don’t dream while your body rejuvenates.

· Melatonin, a hormone that keeps your body’s rhythms in sync, is released in the delta state. It helps you sleep and converts to serotonin during your waking period. If your “biological clock” is working correctly, and you are sleeping soundly, chances are you will feel good.

· Human Growth Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is released during the delta state. HGH improves your stamina, sexual performance and libido, and helps you decrease body fat by 15%. If you feel vital, sexually viable, and weigh 15% less than you used to weigh, you probably feel pretty good.

Beta-an alert state that helps you focus and concentrate.

· Dopamine, a neurotransmitter released during the beta state, improves mood, alertness, and libido. It controls the pleasure systems in your brain. Dopamine causes us to want, desire, seek out, and search. It motivates us to seek out more than just our physical needs, making us curious about ideas and new information. It is actually stimulated by unpredictability. Dopamine tells us that something new will bring a reward. When dopamine is released, you feel vital,interested in life, and hopeful. All of those things generally make you feel good.

Gamma-a state that synchronizes both sides of the brain enabling ecstatic experiences and a feeling of oneness.

· Serotonin and natural endorphins are released in this frequency, enhancing the euphoric experience of being connected to the collective unconsciousness. Feeling less alone and connected to everyone and everything, can leave you feeling pretty darned good.

With today’s technology, specifically brainwave entrainment, you don’t have to wait to feel happy, at peace, or satisfied. You can choose when to stimulate the areas of your brain that will release natural chemicals for your well-being, and feel good, on your own time.

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