Use Brainwave Entrainment To Explore The Benefits of the Different Brainwave Frequencies

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The characteristics of your brainwaves at any given moment, determines your mood and state of mind.

With regular use of brainwave entrainment, you can positively affect your cognitive functions, emotional control, mental activity, and perceptual faculties.  It can help you think differently.

The Big Five

GAMMA 25 to 100 Hz Connected to your outer state of consciousness (place of empathy) creates unity of conscious perception.

BENEFITS:  improved creativity, comprehension and concentration, great as an anti-depressant, and for learning disorders like ADD/ADHD, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease, optimal brain functioning, self-awareness, heightened consciousness, associated with peak concentration, high levels of cognitive functioning, “being in the zone”, empathy, psychic connection to higher dimensions, boosted sensory perceptions, enhanced intuition, improved happiness, raises IQ, increased compassion.

BETA: 14 – 40 Hz 3rd Dimension, Physical:  WHEN WE ARE ALERT—most common/normal waking state of consciousness.

BENEFITS:  concentration, reading speed, energy levels, insomnia, depression, think quicker, focused, feel more excitement, increases performance (as if your life depended on it), alertness, more energy, raises positive thinking, makes you more social and outgoing, boosts conversational energy (talk show hosts, lawyers, debaters), enhances your ability to write, increases your IQ—there is a huge surge of Beta when you take a test.

ALPHA:  8 to 12 hz, tranquil consciousness, body/mind integration, quietening the mind—aware of 3rd dimension and portions of the 4th dimension, blending stimuli from both. WHEN WE ARE AWARE BUT PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY RELAXED—relaxed awareness.

BENEFITS: relaxation, imagination, creativity (Creative people come to solutions in this state),

visualization, super learning states, anxiety and stress relief, help with autism, depression, contemplative prayer, and the production of serotonin ( a feel good hormone that acts as an anti-depressant) emotional stability (no fears, tension, enhanced problem solving, creativity, entrainment integrates both sides of the brain for better communication and clearer thinking), brainwave of artists, writers, singers.  Great for optimal athletic performance, peak performance state of mind, improved immune system functioning helping self-healing and prevention of illness, calm mind, mind balanced, optimal state of functioning, and a positive state of mind.  There is up to 15% more alpha wave in the right (spacial or emotional) hemisphere which gives you a sense of well-being, happiness and optimism.

THETA: 4 to 7 Hz deeper inner state of consciousness; dream or twilight state WHEN WE ARE DROWSY, JUST BEFORE SLEEP.

BENEFITS: PSYCHIC ABILITY ENHANCED, memory enhanced, access to unconscious material, free association, insights, creative ideas, psychic ability, esp, bridges spiritual connection with higher self, the source, all increased, spiritual insight, intuition, REM sleep, dreaming, perfect place to change subconscious blueprint (optimal state for changing unwanted subconscious behaviours)can heal body and brain and boost immune system, :  extremely receptive to info from the intuitive subconscious making for profound insights, esp, and deep spiritual connection, super learning, heightened suggestibility, synchronicity, lucid dreaming, obe, helps transfer info from the sub into the conscious clarifying hidden issues, deep meditation, problem solving.

DELTA: .5 to 3 Hz, unconscious mind; Non-physical– WHEN WE ARE SLEEPING SOUNDLY, Lose Consciousness.

BENEFITS: Sense of deep peace, releases HGH, Human Growth Hormone, ramps up immune function, healing, regeneration, soothes the limbic/emotional system, is associated with heart/brain coherence, direct communication with Source.

Each brainwave frequency gives you a different set of experiences, states of consciousness, and benefits.

Your brainwave state is determined by the dominant brainwaves that are active in your head, at any given moment.

The lower the hz, the more your awareness is tuned towards subjective experience of the inner world where you are better positioned to use the power of your mind to create changes in your body and your world. With each lower state, you become more aligned with the source of the power within.

Brainwave entrainment lets you determine what state of consciousness you’d like to explore by deliberately introducing a sound pattern that will alter your dominant brainwave frequency to that frequency. 

You don’t have to be a slave to your brainwaves anymore.



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